Don't-Miss iOS Stories

tumblr live photos

Tumblr is now the first third-party app to support Apple's Live Photos

Tumblr beats Instagram as the first photo-sharing app to offer support for Live Photos taken with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

00 intro

The Week in iPhone Cases: Carry your iPhone 6s Plus in style with Pad & Quill's latest clutch

This week's roundup of new iPhone cases includes cases for fitness enthusiasts, a waterproof pick from SnowLizard, a new quilted pattern from Sena, and much more!

google drive logo

Google Drive supercharges search capabilities across Android, iOS, and web

You're now able to find files by file owner, email address, and take advantage of tools specific to each mobile platform.


All wrong, all the time: History is unkind to Apple doom predictions

Despite the conventional wisdom, Apple Maps turned out OK.

pixelmator on ipad pro apple pencil support

Pixelmator update adds support for 3D Touch, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil

An update to one of the top photo editors for iPad and iPhone 6s supports iOS 9 features and huge images.

accessories lede 100582373 gallery copy 3

The Week in iOS Accessories: Rubber duckie from the future

This week's roundup includes Edwin the Duck, a Bluetooth-enabled rubber duck that can interact with apps on your iOS device. Read on!

apple 2015 best apps

Cream of the crop: Here are Apple's best apps of 2015

For the first time, Apple picked the best Apple Watch and Apple TV apps, too.

apple maps transit

Apple Maps wins over iPhone users, despite early snafus

Google Maps gets a third of the use that Apple Maps does on iOS.

facebook slingshot app

Facebook kills its Creative Labs, responsible for apps that failed against Snapchat

Facebook's Slingshot, Rooms and Riff are no longer available on the App Store, and the unit that created these standalone apps has shut down.

returned tablet notifications

If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

Mark Hachman discovered that the open box tablet he purchased still was keyed to a prior account. Don't make the same mistake.

ipad pro primary

An iPad Pro wish list

Apple's giant tablet has been out a few weeks, so where are the app updates and accessories?

uber spot color pickups

Uber tests color-coded ride pickups to avoid getting into the wrong car

New LED lights on Uber cars will help you find your ride after a crowded concert or event.

accessories lede 100582373 gallery copy 2

The Week in iOS Accessories: More stands for the Apple Watch

This week's roundup of accessories offers three new ways to charge up your Apple Watch—and just two of them also including docking stations for the iPhone.

united airlines iphone 6 plus

United Airlines airport reps will now use an iPhone 6 Plus to print your boarding pass

After bringing the iPhone onboard flights, United is now giving smartphones to customer service reps on the ground, too.

gph 001 23

How Apple does big phones better than Android

A month with the Nexus 6P showed that perhaps its gorgeous screen is a little too big for its operating system.