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The Week in iOS Apps: Keeping it positive

This week's roundup of new and updated apps inlcudes FoodChasers, which features only good restaurant reviews. Negative reviews? That's what the rest of the Internet is for! Read on!

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To-Fu Fury pits acrobatic tofu against stealth ninjas in this oddly fun action puzzler

This never-dull campaign for iOS will make you want to jump back on the ninja bandwagon.

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Where you at? 5 location tricks for iPhone and iPad

Share your location to a friend, let loved ones know when you're on the move, get a reminder when you arrive at a specific place, geotag Calendar events, and more.

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iPhone 6s Live Photos turn dead-flat on Dropbox, Flickr and Google Photos

Popular photo storage apps do not support Live Photos, so you'll need to enable iCloud Photo Library to back them up in the cloud. Here's why that's a big problem.

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Facebook is fixing its battery-draining iOS app -- until then here are your alternatives

Users have found that Facebook's iOS app refreshes in the background even when that feature is disabled. Here are some battery-friendly ways to browse Facebook.

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ResearchKit at 6 months: 100,000 people now using medical apps

Three new ResearchKit apps launch to study autism, melanoma, and epilepsy.


The wrong fight: What’s the Surface competing with?

When is a tablet not a tablet? When it's not used like one.

widget games

Swipe down to play these four Notification Center games

True, these aren't the most complicated games, but for a quick-play distraction, they may just fit the bill.

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New Microsoft app Twist is like Instagram chat

The new Microsoft Garage app, Twist, allows "photo conversations" where users mash together photos in a conversation.

apple music help

Apple opens help line for Apple Music questions on Twitter

Need a little help navigating Apple's streaming service? Tweet away.

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The Week in iOS Accessories: Even more Apple Watch stands

Accessory makers are finding every possible design permutation to achieve a simple task: Hold and display your Apple Watch while it charges. Several new docks are in this week's roundup. Read on!

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Alternatives to Apple’s iOS Music app

Apple’s Music app feels like overkill for simply playing your iPhone’s music library. These apps do a better job.

handy accessibility features everyone should know about

Handy iOS and OS X accessibility features everyone should know

Enhance your interface with these features built right into the operating system.

infinity jack aladdin

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0 unites Star Wars, Marvel, and money (of course)

The latest media mash-up delivers creative fun, but it's pretty rough right now.

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Facebook adds 3D Touch support, tests a dedicated Shopping feed

Facebook updated its iOS app for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and we also found great iOS updates for Day One and TripAdvisor.