Don't-Miss Macworld iWorld Stories

Expo Notes: iOS apps mixing more business with pleasure

The iPhone and iPad started life as objects of delight, but this week's expo shows that they've become extremely useful devices. Can iOS still be fun?

Expo Notes: Ergotron's workstations show off their Mac metal

Ergotron's line of ergonomic workstations will soon include offerings designed to match Apple's aluminum-body computers.

Expo Notes: Electric Assistance Bike lets you ride the Alps from your living room (video)

Stationary exercise bikes have come a long way, with multiple programmed routines, but what about making you feel what it's like to ride Stage 2 of the Tour de France? There's an app--and a bike--for that.

Expo Notes: MyFC's PowerTrekk charges your iPhone through science

The PowerTrekk is the rare charging accessory that requires you to add a bit of water.

Expo Notes: ArtRage previews version 4 of its OS X painting app

A new version of ArtRage is being released this month. Here's what to expect from the painting application.

Expo Notes: KiwiPixel shows off Inspire Pro update with live art demo (video)

Inspire Pro, a popular painting app for the iPad, got a facelift this week with an update that introduces a plethora of new features.

Expo Notes: BuzzCard gives your blogs, podcasts that polished video edge

Video service offers easy, affordable identity and branding for individuals and small companies who publish on YouTube.

Expo Notes: Fishman's TriplePlay makes guitarists a triple threat

The $395 TriplePlay Wireless Guitar controller plugs into your Mac or iPad and features a software bundle for recording, composing, and performing.

Expo Notes: Adonit Jot Touch stylus uses new pressure sensing technology (video)

Adonit showed off the second-generation Jot Touch at Macworld/iWorld, with an even more advanced pressure sensor and better battery life.

Macworld/iWorld: Color from the show floor

There were plenty of interesting happenings at Macworld/iWorld; here are a few that caught our eye.

Expo Notes: Olloclip's camera lens system comes to the iPhone 5 (video)

Olloclip brought a photo booth to the Macworld/iWorld show floor to promote its iPhone 5 lens system and upcoming iPhone case.

Expo Notes: Jam for iPhone is karaoke with a twist

This mobile music app for the iPhone wants to be the Instagram of music.

Macworld/iWorld: Day 2 wrap-up from the show floor

Another day at Macworld/iWorld means another rapid-fire round-up of products that caught our eye. Carlos Rodela is your tour guide.

Macworld iWorld - Show Floor Wrap Up Day 2

Carlos Rodela wraps up Day 2 at Macworld iWorld with a quick look at some interesting products seen on the show floor.

Expo Notes: Mauz turns your iOS device into a touchscreen Mac mouse (video)

The Mauz will let you use your iPhone to control your Mac like a souped-up input devices -- If its Kickstarter funding comes through.

Expo Notes: The iSlip Lite cleans your tablet's screen

It's just a thin band of stretchy microfiber. But if you want a portable way to clean your iPad's screen, the iSlip Lite will do just fine.