Don't-Miss Macworld iWorld Stories

Expo Notes: BowBlade lets you get physical with your iPhone gaming (video)

The BowBlade active gaming device lets you play many shooting and target games, but gives you an upper-body workout in the process.

Expo Notes: Video Charades is just fun

Video Charades is not going to wow you with its cleverness. It's just a simple, pleasantly diverting app.

Expo Notes: Double robot uses iPad to act as your virtual double (video)

The Double is an iPad-based telepresence robot.

Expo Notes: Banish sun glare with Daylight Viewfinder

Small iPhone photography gadget, combined with a free app, eliminates a huge problem. talks tech, new phone accessories at Macworld/iWorld (video)’s new line of iPhone camera accessories turn your smartphone into a vintage camera, complete with old-fashioned filters.

Expo Notes: CrazyTalk7 can make anyone look insane

CrazyTalk had been a PC-only program, but the facial animation software has arrived on the Mac with a debut at this week's Macworld/iWorld event.

Expo Notes: Givit video app adds still image embedding

The Givit video recording app for iOS launched new features at Macworld/iWorld this week.

Expo Notes: BigDay keeps track of birthdays, gift ideas

BigDay, a new, free iOS app, can remind you of the important days in your friends' and family members' lives.

Expo Notes: Tesseract MacBook stand uses its power for good

Esoterism showed off its new Tesseract MacBook stand at the Macworld/iWorld expo.

Macworld/iWorld 2013 Best of Show winners

Hundreds of products are on display on the show floor at Macworld/iWorld, but a few stand out from the rest. We call these products the Best of Show.

Expo Notes: Omnifocus to get an update

The Omni Group has announced version 2.0 of its flagship to-do manager, but the app won't ship for a while.

Macworld/iWorld: Day 1 wrap-up from the show floor

There was plenty to do on the first day of Macworld/iWorld 2013, but senior editor Roman Loyola spent the day on the floor of the expo hall, trying to see products from as many of the 250-plus companies showing their wares.

Macworld iWorld - Show Floor Wrap Up

Day 1 of Macworld iWorld is in the books and Roman Loyola runs down a few things he liked.

Expo Notes: Moxtra adds layers to interest-based social networking

If Pinterest led the way in letting users document and share their obsessions, Moxtra goes a step further, offering new layers of voice communication and annotation for deeper communication in a fuller context.

Expo Notes: Rostami Magic puts a few tricks up your iPhone's sleeve

Make objects move, predict the future, and identify which card your friend picked, with this set of apps from exhibitor Rostami Magic.