Don't-Miss Photography Stories

Pentax K-r

If you're looking for a small, lightweight, inexpensive starter camera, then the Pentax K-r is a great choice. With its huge array of features and nice image quality, it might end up being the only SLR you never need.

Samsung NX100

The NX100 is an innovative little camera, designed to lure compact shooters up to a larger sensor compact interchangeable lens (CILC) system. It has decent image quality and a large APS-C sensor, but is lacking a few key features, such as an integrated flash.

Round-up: Camera equipment for extreme photographers

Whether you want to capture footage of the perfect motorcycle jump or a peaceful underwater scene, we have a camera or an accessory that can make it happen.

Flare 1.0

Flare offers a simple, iPhone-inspired interface that makes it easy for novice photo editors to add fun, stylized color effects and borders without requiring a trip to a more complicated program like Photoshop.

Covert digital cameras for budding spies

These cameras that resemble gum packages, shavers, and even hand-held vacuums make spying all too easy.

Apple releases Aperture 3.1.2 update

The latest Aperture 3 update addresses iPhoto importing issues, as well as library and adjustment bugs.

The top rated compact interchangeable-lens cameras

They lack the mirror boxes and through-the-lens viewfinders of a true DSLR, but these compact interchangeable-lens cameras shoot top-notch photos and video despite their smaller sizes.

Top-rated multifunction printers

These top-rated multifunction printers offer a wealth of variety and functionality. Choose an inkjet or laser model to print, copy, scan, and in some cases, fax.

This year's hottest digital camera trends

We've already seen two waves of camera releases so far in 2011, enough to identify the latest feature trends and get an idea of what we'll be seeing more of in the year ahead. Here are some of the most popular new features in digital cameras.

Review: Olympus E-PL2 camera

The Olympus E-PL2 is a compact and versatile interchangeable-lens camera, made more interesting by a selection of fun accessories offered by Olympus.

Photo basics: How to compose a photograph

Image composition is the process of making the subject of a photo clearer, and the overall image less complicated. These tips for beginner photographers explain the essential techniques needed for framing a great photo.

TouchUp for iPad

If you're intimidated by high-powered image editing tools, this iPad app provides a good mix of powerful functionality and ease of use.

A photographer's workflows for the MacBook Air

Photographers who use the MacBook Air as a secondary computer need a workflow that allows them to integrate photos from the road into a master library at home. Two applications in particular, Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom, are well-suited for this task.

Field testing the MacBook Air for photographers

On paper, the MacBook Air appears to be the answer to many roving photographers’ dreams. It’s small enough to travel in a camera bag yet fast enough to run major photography software. Derrick Story takes the 13-inch MacBook Air on the road for six weeks to see how it performs.

Control your camera from your iPad with OnOne's DSLR Camera Remote HD

OnOne's DSLR Camera Remote HD works in conjunction with your WiFi-enabled computer and compatible Nikon or Canon DSLR camera to let you instantly adjust your camera’s settings, fire the shutter, review images, get a live viewfinder preview, and record video from the cozy confines of your iPad.