Don't-Miss Photography Stories

Gift ideas for photography buffs

The holiday season is just around the corner--here are some gift ideas for the photography lover in your life (even if that's you).

Kodak Pic Flick for iPhone

Despite some limitations, this app from Eastman Kodak makes it easy to produce quality color photo prints from your iOS device -- if you have a supported printer or digital photo frame.

Corel Paint It Show for iPad

This fun little app lets you choose, mix, and match your photos for a unique slideshow in which your photos are converted, stroke by stroke, into a painting. The results are entertaining to watch.

Apple releases Digital Camera RAW Update 3.4

Photographers on Leopard and Snow Leopard can look forward to compatibility with nearly a dozen new cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more.

FX Photo Studio 3.0 gets presets, 30 new effects

A major update to this photo app brings its total number of effects to over 170 and lets you layer, customize, and save effects as presets for reuse later. Sharing to Flickr and full support for the iPhone 4 and its camera round out a long list of updates.

iPhone 4 photo contest winners

We sorted through 600+ entries and voted on our favorite images. Here are the winners of Macworld's first iPhone 4 photography contest.

HD Hero

The HD Hero is sports enthusiasts whose hobby includes not just the activity itself, but sitting afterward at a computer messing with the images and footage gathered during a session.

PicBounce for iPhone

There's a clever idea behind this app -- upload your photos to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Unfortunately, in our tests, PicBounce was unable to deliver.

Epson Artisan 835

A wealth of features make this unit nearly as well suited for family or home office users as it is for photo enthusiasts.

Remains of the Day: Nyet, comrade

Is Kinect racist? Is the iPhone losing market share? Is Hulu Plus still invite-only? Was there ever an iPhoto 9.0? The answer to all these questions, friends, is a resounding "no."

iPhoto 9.1 update adds additional print product options

On Thursday, Apple issued an update to iPhoto '11, adding new print product options and fixing some bugs.

Protect your photo rights online

When you post images online, you risk giving a website permission to use your photos in ways you don’t intend. Take steps to protect your photos.

PhotoCaddy for iPhone

No matter the situation or setting, this reference app offers a wealth of advice for photographers, with tips and suggested settings that are concise and easy to find.

Best point-and-shoot cameras with manual settings

These compact point-and-shoot cameras give you more control over your final photographs, thanks to manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, and exposure.

New cameras come alive at PhotoPlus Expo

Craving a new camera for the holiday season? The hottest new cameras, camcorders, and accessories of the year were all on display at the 2010 PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York City.