Don't-Miss Photography Stories

Enter our iPhone 4 photo contest

We want to see what kind of amazing pictures Macworld readers have captured with their iPhone 4s, so we're having a photo contest with great prizes. Pick a favorite shot from your Camera Roll, or go out and capture a fresh picture to submit.

Camera basics: Night Scene mode

A closer look at how Night Scene mode changes your camera's settings to get better shots.

Camera basics: Macro mode

A closer look at how Macro mode changes your camera's settings to get better shots.

Camera basics: Portrait mode

A closer look at how Portrait mode changes your camera's settings to get better shots.

Epson releases new large-format printers for photo pros

The new 24- and 44-inch printers provide professional-quality, high-resolution output for the professional crowd.

Learn basic exposure settings for better photos

Use your camera's LCD, histogram, and exposure compensation control to set the optimal exposure for your shots.

Revamped interface highlights GraphicConverter update

Lemke Software says it's overhauled the interface of GraphicConverter with the release of version 7, addressing a long-standing request from users of the image-conversion tool.

Panasonic to expand Lumix brand to phones

Panasonic is expanding its Lumix digital camera brand to cell phones and will unveil its first "Lumix Phone" at next week's Ceatec show in Japan.

Geotag Photos Pro for iPhone

This app harnesses the iPhone's built-in GPS capabilities to make it simple to record location data for photos you've captured with another device.

Facebook improves photo uploader, image quality

Facebook has increased the maximum resolution of user-uploaded photos , simplified the tagging process and improved the performance of the upload tool.

Deleting duplicate images

A couple of utilities you can use to find and eliminate duplicate images.

Review: Photoshop Elements 9

The latest iteration of Photoshop Elements--version 9--has a layer mask button, Facebook integration, and Content-Aware Fill features, and it comes packaged with the Adobe Elements Organizer.

OldBooth Premium for iPhone

This novelty image editing app lets you impose your face (or the faces of friends) onto older pictures. It's a clever image-editing tool that's good for a few laughs.

SpyderCheckr, SpyderCheckr Pro help you take better photos

Datacolor has debuted a new colour reference tool that allows photographers to obtain consistent, accurate colour in their shots.

When to use the iPhone 4's HDR feature

This new tool can improve many iPhone photos, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for every image you capture. Solve your time and space issues by learning what situations call for the iPhone's HDR setting, and when you should skip it altogether.