Don't-Miss Photography Stories

Facebook improves photo uploader, image quality

Facebook has increased the maximum resolution of user-uploaded photos , simplified the tagging process and improved the performance of the upload tool.

Deleting duplicate images

A couple of utilities you can use to find and eliminate duplicate images.

Review: Photoshop Elements 9

The latest iteration of Photoshop Elements--version 9--has a layer mask button, Facebook integration, and Content-Aware Fill features, and it comes packaged with the Adobe Elements Organizer.

OldBooth Premium for iPhone

This novelty image editing app lets you impose your face (or the faces of friends) onto older pictures. It's a clever image-editing tool that's good for a few laughs.

SpyderCheckr, SpyderCheckr Pro help you take better photos

Datacolor has debuted a new colour reference tool that allows photographers to obtain consistent, accurate colour in their shots.

When to use the iPhone 4's HDR feature

This new tool can improve many iPhone photos, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for every image you capture. Solve your time and space issues by learning what situations call for the iPhone's HDR setting, and when you should skip it altogether.

Kodak EasyShare M580

The 8X-optical-zoom M580 serves up great exposure quality and easy controls, at the expense of manual settings. It's a versatile camera for the price, but it falls short on exciting extras.

Photo Shootout for iPhone

Photo Shootout, a photography game from Man Mountain Productions, puts you directly in the shoes of a professional photographer as you learn essential camera skills.

How to pull still images from your videos

Have you ever captured a fleeting moment on digital video, only to wish you also had it as a still image? Follow these simple directions to turn any frame of a video into a photograph.

Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 9

Adobe announced the latest version of Photoshop Elements 9, the company's consumer-level photo editing application, for both Mac and Windows. There are a number of features in this version that are new to Mac users including the bundled Elements Organizer.

Photo Captions HD for iPad

This iPad app lets you quickly add captions, frames and graphics to your photos, or even create greeting cards and collages. It's easy to use, and the results could tickle your funny bone.

Pentax releases K-5 DSLR to replace the K-7

Pentax's new 16.2 megapixel K-5 DSLR is aimed at pro and advanced amateur photographers.

Plastic Bullet for iPhone

This app, which replicates some toy camera charm on your iPhone, requires very little user input. But it also creates warm, exciting new looks for your mobile images.

Hipstamatic update to add photo-printing service

The popular retro camera app Hipstamatic is slated to get an update Friday that will add a photo printing service via the Website. Users will be able to order 4- and 7-inch prints of their images from within the app.

Olympus announces new E-5 DSLR

Olympus on Tuesday unveiled the E-5, the newest camera in the company’s E-series of professional DSLR cameras.