Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Adobe Flash update puts users in charge of privacy

Adobe has released an important update to its Flash Player software that fixes critical security flaws and gives users a better way of controlling whether they are being tracked on the Web. In addition, Mac users will now get automatic software update notifications.

Senator questions Google on Wi-Fi snooping

A U.S. senator resurrected year-old questions about Google Street View cars sniffing Wi-Fi networks during Tuesday's Senate hearings on data collection.

Privacy groups support new do-not-track bill

Privacy and civil liberties groups support a new online do-not-track bill.

iPhone location-tracking incident boosts stock of 'privacy by design'

With a Senate hearing scheduled for Tuesday, the concept of privacy by design could get more attention.

California's Do Not Track law takes a step forward

California is a step closer to getting the first Do Not Track legislation in the U.S., aimed at protecting Internet users from invasive advertising.

Ghostery 1.0.0

Most Web sites track your activity; many provide that information to advertisers and other companies. Ghostery not only lets you track the trackers, but also lets you selectively block that tracking.

Apple releases iOS 4.3.3 to patch location bugs

Apple has released iOS 4.3.3, which includes three fixes that address concerns over the storage of location information on its mobile devices.

Apple can share my location data -- on my terms

Writing for Computerworld, information security expert Kenneth van Wyk says that companies like Apple need to be more open and provide their users with choices.

Apple's unique brand of crisis management

Apple doesn't respond to crises like other companies. Is that good or bad? Jason Snell says it sure hasn't hurt the company so far.

Apple, Google will testify to Senate on location tracking

Two senators said that representatives from both Apple and Google will testify at a Congressional hearing next month on consumer privacy and smartphones.

Crisis management expert pans Apple's handling of iOS location issue

Apple's explanation about how and why iPhones track users' locations was too late, too little, a crisis communications expert tells Computerworld.

Homing in on Apple's location-data response

On Wednesday, Apple issued a series of questions and answers about its use of iPhone location information, hoping to quell a controversy. Dan Moren thinks the explanations are good ones.

Apple publishes Q&A on iPhone location data

Apple has published a lengthy Q&A document on its Website, explaining its take on the iPhone location data controversy, along with several related bugs the company intends to patch.

Group: Google Buzz settlement a 'killer' for e-commerce

The trade group NetChoice has expressed concerns about the FTC settlement with Google over Buzz.

Lawmakers quiz Apple, Google about location tracking

Minnesota Senator Al Franken and the attorney general of Illinois have separately pressed Apple and Google to provide more information about the location data they collect about their end users.