Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

iPhone revealed to track, log users' locations

A report by a pair of data scientists reveals that the iPhone keeps a log of where it's been, which can be easily accessed on a user's home computer.

Remains of the Day: Crazy talk

If you're going to walk the crazy walk, you'd better talk the crazy talk. Microsoft loses a valuable cloud player, Apple doesn't want to know what you're surfing on the Web, and one man makes, bakes, and takes the whole crazy cake.

Kerry, McCain introduce online privacy bill

Privacy advocates criticized a bill introduced Tuesday that focuses on online data collection.

Researcher: Police increasingly peeping at e-mail, instant messages

Law enforcement organizations are making tens of thousands of requests for private electronic information from companies such as Sprint, Facebook and AOL, but few detailed statistics are available, according to a privacy researcher.

Tax prep maker warns customers of Epsilon e-mail hack impact

Intuit has warned users of its tax preparation software to be aware of identity theft scams in the wake of a major breach at marketing firm Epsilon.

Swiss court says Google's Street View breaks privacy rules

A Swiss court has said that Google is breaching citizens' right to privacy with its Street View service.

UberSocial fixes direct-message privacy bug

UberSocial has fixed a bug in its Twitter software for mobile phones that put some users' privacy at risk.

Privacy groups cheer FTC's action over Google Buzz

Privacy advocates cheered on Wednesday in response to the Federal Trade Commission's crackdown on Google over privacy violations resulting from the bungled launch of the Buzz social networking and microblogging service.

Facebook Tip: Enable encryption to avoid privacy glitch

Some Facebook traffic this week took a misguided trip from AT&T servers through China and South Korea, exposing some user data. To protect yourself against such glitches, here's how to enable Facebook's HTTPS feature.

Berlin court rules Street View doesn't invade privacy

Google won a civil lawsuit in Germany lodged by a woman who contended its roving camera cars that shoot photographs for Street View violated her privacy.

France fines Google for Street View collection of Wi-Fi data

Google must pay a fine of €100,000 (US$142,000) for the unauthorized collection of information about the location of Wi-Fi hotspots in France by its Street View cars.

Protect your privacy: Web browsing

Ad networks, search engines, Internet service providers, and social networks all track, analyze, and sell almost everything you do online.

Mozilla releases Firefox 4.0 release candidate

The new Firefox browser will feature a radically redesigned interface as well as new privacy controls.

Lawmaker promises new online privacy legislation

An upcoming online privacy bill would aim to give Web users more control of their personal data, a Republican lawmaker says.

Protect your privacy: what happens to your data?

When criminals obtain your e-mail address, credit card, or Social Security Number, your information enters an underground economy where it’s sold, bought, and (maybe) eventually used in a crime.