Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Consumer Watchdog calls for investigation of Google

Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group largely focused in recent years on Google's privacy practices, has called on a congressional investigation into the Internet giant's relationship with the Obama administration.

Mozilla to offer new feature for improved online privacy

Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, is working a feature that will allow users to opt-out of online behavioral advertising.

Trapster hack may have exposed millions of iPhone, Android passwords

Millions of e-mail addresses and passwords may have been stolen from Trapster, an online service that warns iPhone, Android and BlackBerry owners of police...

App privacy sparks class action lawsuit

Apple and others sued over alleged app privacy violations.

WSJ's concerns over app data-sharing may be overblown

The Wall Street Journal warns that iPhone and Android apps are sharing your personal data with advertisers, but should you really be worried?

FCC investigating Google over Street View

The FCC confirmed that it's investigating whether Google broke any federal eavesdropping laws when collecting data for its controversial Street View mapping service.

Facebook, Google face EU crackdown over user data

Internet giants such as Facebook and Google could soon be forced to reveal more to European Internet users about what they are doing with their private data.

German Street View error lets iPhone users see hidden images

Google is facing fresh complaints over Street View in Germany, after technical problems caused some properties to be visible rather than blurred.

Google settles Buzz lawsuit with no payout to Gmail users

Google said it won preliminary approval to settle a class action lawsuit related to alleged privacy violations caused by its Buzz social networking service.

Street View goes live in Germany with blurred images

Google gingerly launched a select set of Street View images for Germany on Tuesday, a country where it has faced some of the most fierce opposition.

Apple temporarily fixes FaceTime security vulnerability

Apple has moved to block access to account information from inside the FaceTime for Mac application, temporarily fixing a security vulnerability.

Facebook quick tip: Three more ways to shore up security

CIO's Kristin Burnham is back with more tips on shoring up your Facebook security and staying safe on the social networking service.

Spain moves to fine Google over Street View

The Spanish Data Protection Agency is preparing a process to fine Google over infractions against local data protection laws.

Incognito lets Safari users evade data mining

Incognito, a new browser extension from Orbicule, blocks tracking by Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Facebook Quick Tip: Control apps access to your data

Facebook launched a new feature this week that gives you a detailed overview of the data permissions that you've granted to apps. Here's how to find the new dashboard and adjust your settings.