Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Facebook's new groups feature worries some

Some Facebook users expressed concerns Thursday over the way Facebook groups adds users without consent.

Facebook denies breach, sharing iPhone phone numbers

Facebook has issued a statement denying it has breached Apple's iTunes App Store privacy rules.

Privacy concerns as some Apple iPhone apps transmit UDIDs

A researcher at Bucknell University warns that some two thirds of popular iPhone apps transmit users UDIDs, leading to potential security concerns.

Engineer fired for privacy violations, Google says

A Google engineer was fired for violating the company's privacy rules, Google said Wednesday.

After Google incident, Wi-Fi data collection goes on

With a number of companies -- including Google and Apple -- collecting wireless data, it's clear that many users do not understand how the data is being collected or why. And security experts are just now starting to discover some of the ways that this information could be misused.

Consumer group lampoons Google CEO over privacy issues

Consumer Watchdog, a group that has been a sharp critic of Google's privacy practices in the past, is at it once again.

Germany considers ban on using Facebook for hiring

Germany is considering a law that would ban employers from mining information from social networking sites such as Facebook to protect people's privacy.

Google Street View cars back too soon, says French watchdog

Google has resumed collection of Street View image data in France, annoying the French data protection registrar which is still investigating the service.

South Korean police raid Google's office over Street View

South Korean police raided Google's office on Tuesday over the company's Street View mapping project.

How to get rid of Web browser cookies

When random sites started displaying his Facebook profile picture and welcoming him by name, Kirk McElhearn decided it was time to do something about his Web browser cookies. Here's why you might want to delete cookies and what to expect if you do.

Lawmakers question data collection at major sites

Two senior U.S. lawmakers say they're concerned about data collection at major websites.

Safari AutoFill hack can give up personal info

A simple trick in Web forms can trigger Safari's auto-fill feature, which is designed to help users fill in Web forms more quickly by automatically inserting information from their personal Address Book card.

State AGs question Google about Street View Wi-Fi snooping

Law enforcement officials from 38 states ask Google about Wi-Fi snooping by its Street View cars.

Google will resume Street View photography in four countries

Google said on Friday it will resume its Street View imaging in four countries following the removal of Wi-Fi collection equipment.

Facebook slapped with class-action privacy lawsuit

A Canadian law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, alleging the social network mishandled users' private information and breached their privacy.