Don't-Miss Video player Stories

MPAA takes Zediva video streaming service to court

The Motion Picture Association of America filed a federal lawsuit against the parent company of the streaming movie service.

Remains of the Day: Long live the iPod classic

Steve Jobs denied the demise of the iPod classic as recently as last fall, Apple may be thinking about bringing AirPlay to a big screen near you, and an iPhone 4 succeeds where Humpty Dumpty failed.

Apple TV 4.2.1 update addresses flickering problem

On Tuesday, Apple released a minor software update for the second-generation Apple TV. One important change is a fix for screen flickering problems that some users have reported.

Five ways to stream content to your HDTV

With products such as the second-generation Apple TV, streaming content from your computer and over the Internet to your HDTV is easier than ever.

NewerTech NuShelf lets you mount your Mac mini

For those who find the Apple TV or similar products too restrictive in the content they support, using a Mac mini as a home media server connected to your HDTV can be a great alternative. If you've considered setting up a Mac mini for such purposes, then you might want to check out Newer Technology's NuShelf for the latest Mac mini.

FlickStackr brings AirPlay to Flickr videos

A minor update to this feature-packed Flickr client brings AirPlay support for Flickr videos.

Apple TV 2 gains MLB, NBA streaming

With a software update released on Wednesday, the Apple TV 2 includes new features including support for streaming sports content from MLB.TV and NBA League Pass.

Remains of the Day: Inadequacy, incorporated

Samsung takes a hard look at its iPad competitors and comes up short. Elsewhere, Apple is back at the bargaining table with music labels and, despite its best efforts, Microsoft is late to the tablet game.

Boxee Box gains Netflix support

The Boxee Box from D-Link can now access movies, TV shows and more via Netflix.

Monsoon Vulkano Deluxe

Unit lets you remotely access live and recorded TV on a wide array of devices at a reasonable price--but it requires some compromises.

Roku adds USB Media Player channel

Roku has added support for the playback of media from a USB storage device to some of its set-top boxes.

Remains of the Day: They call me Mr. Glass

Broken iPhone? Take it to court! Meanwhile, streaming video consumers apparently prefer the big screen, and Apple can't define obscenity, but sure knows what it looks like when you want to laser-etch it into one of its products.

Expo Notes: OWC Mac mini-based home media system

Creating a Mac mini-based media center and finding the right combination of hardware and software can be a lot of hard work. At Macworld 2011, OWC demoed its attempt to simply the process.

TiVo releases official iPad app

The DVR pioneer teased its iPad app back in November, but now it's available for all TiVo Premiere and Premiere XL owners.

CES: Orb Networks introduces Orb BR

On Friday, Orb Networks announced Orb BR, software that lets you use your Internet-connected Blu-ray player to stream content from your computer to your TV.