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Apple fixes bugs in Remote app 2.0.1 update

A few weeks after overhauling its Remote app for iOS devices, Apple has released a 2.0.1 update to fix a number of bugs and performance issues.

Google TV on the Logitech Revue

After months of hype, rumors, and misinformation, Google TV has arrived on the Logitech Revue. Find out everything you need to know about this set-top box, and how it will deliver the Web to your TV.

Logitech Revue and Google TV: Prospects and limitations

An air of mystique has surrounded Google TV, and Logitech’s Google TV device--the Logitech Revue--since they first became public knowledge. On Wednesday, Logitech unveiled the Revue--and we got our first in-depth look at what Google TV can do.

Google TV highlighted on Logitech's new companion box

Logitech on Wednesday launched Revue, a set-top box that highlights the capabilities of the Google TV platform.

Qualcomm suspends sale of FLO TV devices

Qualcomm has suspended sales of devices for its mobile TV service, FLO TV, as it considers options for its national network.

Google TV gets new content, Website

If you've been on pins and needles to hear more information about the Google TV, this may be your week. On Monday, the company made its inaugural post on the Google TV blog, announcing new content partners, apps, and a brand-spanking new website for the platform.

Now is the Apple TV more than a hobby?

With the second coming of the Apple TV (complete with lower price and Netflix integration) can we finally stop calling the thing a hobby?

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV troubleshooting

The arrival of the Apple TV has brought a new round of support articles from Apple for the device. Ted Landau rounds those up and touches on some other troubleshooting and hacking-related findings from Apple TV owners.

Reviewing the Apple TV

We close September by taking a closer look at a product first unveiled at the start of the month -- the revamped Apple TV.

iFixit takes apart Apple TV, catalogs innards

The inimitable folks at iFixit have disassembled the new version of the Apple TV and declare it to be surprisingly eco-friendly.

TiVo, Roku to add Hulu Plus support

Roku and TiVo have announced partnerships with Hulu to bring Plus content to their respective set-top media devices.

Apple TV now shipping

Reports of Apple TV shipping delays have been greatly exaggerated, as e-mailed shipping confirmations are now arriving.

Remains of the Day: Money never sleeps, sometimes naps

Once again, Microsoft insists that the PC vs. Mac war is still going. Meanwhile, NBC picks up a couple of allies in its crusade to avoid Apple's TV rental plan, and Apple briefly hits a milestone.

Apple TV delayed? Not so fast

Several sites are stating or implying that the Apple TV has been delayed past its expected September delivery timeframe. Are they spouting truth or fiction?

First look: Roku Players

On Thursday, Roku will release the latest versions of its streaming video players.