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Opinion: Why Apple won't make a TV/DVR

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster is convinced Apple is going to turn the Apple TV into a DVR and sell an Apple-branded TV. Here's why he's wrong.

aTV Flash update brings to Apple TV

An update to this media center add-on for the Apple TV brings an official app for, CBS's popular music social network and discovery service.

Remains of the Day: Don't change the channel

The reason you won't find Warner Bros. TV shows on the Apple TV? It's an idealistic stance. (Of course, that idealism is fueled by money.) Then there's a journalism student who has a bone to pick with Steve Jobs and Microsoft says it's next project will be even huger than the iPad.

Boxee Box now available for pre-order

Boxee announced on Monday that the D-Link Boxee Box set-top box is now available for pre-order, arriving in November at a cost of $200.

Apple TV: Point/counterpoint

Lex Friedman explains what's wrong with the new Apple TV, and Jonathan Seff responds.

Remains of the Day: Over Hurd

Justin Bieber may be capable of single-handedly bringing down Twitter, but Mark Hurd only wishes he had that problem. Meanwhile, Eminem’s downloading money by the fistful and Google’s getting ready to switch on its TV service.

Apple TV, 'Ping' and iTunes -- what it means

Computerworld's Ryan Faas takes a closer look at a pair of announcements from last week's Apple event -- Apple TV and iTunes' Ping feature.

The Macalope Weekly: The machine that goes Ping!

The man's keeping the Apple TV down, and this case that man isn't Steve Jobs. Nothing can defeat the iPod touch, and the Macalope's not breaking a sweat over reports of the Mac's lost market share.

Apple posts video from special event

If you missed the live stream of Apple's event where new iPods and an updated Apple TV were unveiled, you can catch up now.

Apple TV: What you need to know

The latest version of Apple's media device won't arrive for another four weeks. But we can still provide some answers to your burning questions about the redesigned Apple TV.

Apple's new iPods, Apple TV, and more

Join Jason Snell, Chris Breen, Jon Seff, and Dan Frakes as they discuss the Apple Music Event for 2010, including new iPods and the all-new Apple TV.

Hands on with Apple's new iPods, Apple TV

After Wednesday's Apple media event, we got to spend a little while in a hands-on area adjacent to the Yerba Buena theater with a few dozen members of the media, analysts, VIPs, and—most importantly—new iPods and Apple TVs. Without any further ado, here's what we spotted.

Scorecard: Apple music event

Last week I pondered what Apple might announce at today's music event. Let's see how those predictions fared.

Summary: Apple kicks off fall with iPod, Apple TV overhauls

Redesigned iPods, a new Apple TV, and a major update to iTunes highlight the changes announced by Apple during Wednesday's fall music event.

Apple unveils newer, smaller Apple TV

Apple's "hobby" gets a refresh concentrating on streaming video from an all-rental Apple Store, your local network, and iOS devices.