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Four changes I'd like to see with the Apple TV

Apple TV users welcome every update that brings new features to the company's tiny set-top box, but there are still more changes Apple could make. Here are some of the items on Jonathan Seff's Apple TV wish list.

Remains of the Day: Mr. October

The next iPhone still hasn't officially surfaced, but the latest rumors suggest you'd better get your costumes ready. Elsewhere, the return of the Apple HDTV rumor that will not die, and international iTunes users get a small but welcome improvement.

Apple TV now streams purchased TV shows, Vimeo videos

Owners of the second-generation Apple TV can now stream previously purchased TV shows directly from the iTunes Store, as well as watch videos from the popular video-hosting site Vimeo, thanks to a software update released on Monday.

Apple and Hulu: Not so strange bedfellows?

Rumors of a deal between Apple and Hulu have some people scratching their heads, but Dan Moren thinks it's a match made in heaven.

Roku unveils Roku 2 line of video players

Roku on Wednesday announced its new line of Roku 2 networked players, which now sport the ability to play games using an optional Bluetooth motion remote.

Life after Netflix

Netflix has raised its prices as much as 60 percent. If you're miffed by the increased cost (that came without any new features), what are your other options? Lex Friedman takes a look at the DVD and streaming landscape.

Netflix raises rates for combined streaming and DVD subscriptions

Netflix has hiked some of its prices by 60 percent, while introducing a new DVD-only plan.

Vulkano Flow place-shifting streaming device

For $100, the latest addition to Monsoon Multimedia's line of place-shifting products lets you stream decent versions of live or recorded TV from your set-top box to any Internet-connected PC, Mac, or iPad, or to an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone smartphone.

TV, movie industries futilely fighting future

Dan Moren thinks the movie and TV industries are trying to fight the future, but if the battle for digital music is any indication, they've already lost--they just don't know it yet.

Elgato releases HDHomeRun networked TV tuner

On Monday, Elgato introduced the HDHomeRun bundle, SiliconDust's networked, dual-tuner device that lets you watch and record over-the-air (ATSC) or unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM) signals on of two Macs at the same time using Elgato's EyeTV 3 software.

Apple releases software update 4.2.2 for Apple TV

Apple has released Apple TV Software Update 4.2.2, correcting playback issues and other minor glitches.

Android app streams music and video to Apple TV

DoubleTwist, an Android app, now offers support for streaming music and video to the Apple TV.

Use AppleTV video caching for faster AirPlay viewing

Tired of waiting while your iPhone streams video, using AirPlay, to your Apple TV? You can use the AppleTV's video-buffering feature for "instant" viewing.

Nine cool features of the Apple TV

The second-generation Apple TV is in many ways a radical departure from Apple's original set-top box. Here are some of the things that make it a must-have device in your media cabinet.

Vulkano Flow placeshifts video to computers, mobile devices

Monsoon Media announced an addition to its Vulkano service that lets users watch television on their iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.