Don't-Miss Web App Stories

spark hero 2

Adobe lights a fire under its free iOS consumer productivity apps with a new rebranding scheme

Three popular creative apps join a new Web app under the Adobe Spark family.


Biz Stone's Jelly app relaunches, promising to revolutionize search

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone takes a second shot with Jelly, which he described as a failure in its first iteration.

madeira collage edited microsoft

Microsoft's Project Madeira turns Outlook into a small-business productivity hub

Call it one-stop shopping. Project Madeira is aimed at all the businesses that can't afford enterprise-class applications, offering scaled-down versions within Outlook.

safari technology preview macbook

Apple releases new Safari Technology Preview for web developers

The new developer version of Safari comes with iCloud support and feedback integration.

twitter icon logo

How to turn off Twitter's algorithmic feed and see tweets in chronological order

Here's how to turn off Twitter's new algorithmic feed that shows the "best tweets first."

sidefari ios icon

Sidefari review: Split View web browser for iPad is convenient but limited

Side-by-side web browsing is a reality for late-model iPads, but Sidefari lacks most of the niceties of the full Mobile Safari.

instapaper ipad icon

Instapaper 7 review: Excellent read later app only gets better on iOS 9

Saves internet articles for later reading in a clean, clutter-free environment from any iOS device.

stock apple text

How to remove old devices from text forwarding on an iPhone

A reader has defunct devices and ones he doesn't own, but they linger like ghosts in Text Forwarding.

netnewswire icons

NetNewsWire 4 review: It's back! Better than ever? Well...

Rebuilt from the ground up, NetNewsWire 4 keeps RSS feeds alive with distraction-free news readers for Mac and iPhone, and a new sync service to tie them together. But we want more.

pdf icon

How to print a web page as a PDF with links that work

Trying to print a web page and keep the links working? Use Safari or a Chrome extension.

safari icon osx

Why bookmark logo icons disappear in Safari

Portal pages at public Wi-Fi hotspots can ruin your tiny bookmark and other icons.


DRM for JPEG? Standards group could make it happen

Locking up image files might help protect privacy, but would have serious side effects on fair use.

AdBlock browser extension popup

Adblock extension begins whitelisting 'acceptable ads'

The decision by Eyeo, owner of the Adblock Plus browser extensions and mobile browser apps, to hand control of its acceptable ads program to an independent board has prompted the developer of another adblocker to join the program -- and sell his company.

safari icon osx

Apple releases Safari 9 for Yosemite

This browser update adds support for Safari's new "mute tabs" feature.

safari 8 icon

Hands-on with Safari 9 in El Capitan: Little changes make a big difference

The browser in OS X 10.11 El Capitan has new features that you'll use right away.