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Review: Opera 11.5

While Opera 11.5 calls itself a browser, it feels like it really wants to be more than that. But in trying to do so, this perpetual innovator’s latest version falls short.

Review: Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1 gives Apple’s browser enough horsepower to hold its own against rivals in day-to-day browsing. More importantly, its new features truly distinguish it from the pack, making Safari 5.1 a great step up from its predecessor.

Reverting Safari 5.1 to 5.0.3

If you've discovered that the latest version of Safari doesn't work with some beloved extensions there's a path back. But it's not as simple as running an installer. Here's that path.

Apple releases Safari 5.1 for Snow Leopard, Windows

Safari 5.1 ships as part of Lion, but it's also now available as a free download for those on Snow Leopard and Windows.

Firefox 5

With Firefox 5, Mozilla shifts to a faster release schedule, emulating the lightning pace at which Google’s Chrome gains version numbers. Version 5 debuts mere months after Firefox 4, and Mozilla promises that future editions will arrive with similar speed.

Google unveils Swiffy Flash-to-HTML5 tool

Google on Tuesday unveiled Swiffy, a free tool for converting Flash content into iOS-friendly HTML5.

Apple offers Mac malware removal instructions

Mac users who've downloaded the Mac Defender Trojan horse got some help from Apple Tuesday in the form of instructions on how to removal the malware off their Macs.

Amazon Cloud Player music service adds iOS compatibility

Amazon has quietly added support for the mobile version of Safari to its Cloud Player online music player, but the experience is still subpar.

Site-specific browser tool Fluid hits 1.0

Fluid, the tool for creating standalone Mac apps devoted to specific sites, has left beta and added several powerful new features.

Apple releases Safari, Snow Leopard security updates

Don't have an iOS device to update? Well, don’t fret: Apple hasn’t left the Mac out in the cold--Safari, Leopard, and Snow Leopard all have patches ready and waiting for your download.

Digital certificate theft shines spotlight on Safari limitation

Safari users are at risk from a potentially serious security problem, according to software developer and research firm Intego. Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can undertake to protect your computer.

Remains of the Day: We the people

The iPad joins the political process, Microsoft kicks its own legacy product to the curb, and the iPhone 5 of tomorrow may resemble the iPhone of yesteryear.

Protect your privacy: what happens to your data?

When criminals obtain your e-mail address, credit card, or Social Security Number, your information enters an underground economy where it’s sold, bought, and (maybe) eventually used in a crime.

Protect your privacy: browse the Web safely

When you browse the Web, it’s like you’ve allowed a bunch of companies to implant a tracking device in your arm and a small camera in your head, recording where you go and what you look at. Thanks to ad networks, search engines, ISPs, and social networks, your online activities are tracked, analyzed, and sold.

Protect your privacy: avoid identity theft

When you’re buying online, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether you’re dealing with a legitimate merchant or the online equivalent of that guy selling counterfeit watches on 33rd Street. Most shoppers focus on maintaining the privacy of their credit card data, and that’s good. But that’s not the only privacy concern you should have while shopping online.