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OpenStreetMap posing surprise threat to Google Maps

The announcement last week that the Wikimedia Foundation will switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap for its cartographic needs marks the latest in an an increasingly long line of high-profile defections.

New iPad complicates life for HTML 5 developers

Apple's new iPad, already a hit with consumers with its high-resolution display, is nonetheless underwhelming some HTML 5 developers.

Yahoo laying off 2000 workers to save $375 million

After weeks of rumors of a pending reorganization, Yahoo announced this morning that the company is laying off about 2000 workers.

When and why to use group email services

Ordinary email programs don't cut it when you need to send messages to a long list of people. Here's what web-based group email services can do for your company or organization.

Trend Micro unearths more links between China and hacker group

Security vendor Trend Micro has been tracking a hacking campaign called Luckycat that has been linked to 90 attacks, including some aimed at Tibetan activists, tying it to a group based in China.

Read Later brings offline Instapaper and ReadItLater reading to the Mac

If you use Instapaper or ReadItLater to save articles for later reading, Read Later betters your Web browser for reading on your Mac. And it lets you read saved articles when offline.

Yahoo says it will implement Do Not Track worldwide later this year

Yahoo websites worldwide will comply with visitors' Do Not Track preferences starting later this year, the company announced Wednesday.

EU decision on Google expected soon

A ruling from the European Commission on allegations that Google abused its dominant market position is expected after April 9.

FTC chairman: Do-not-track law may not be needed

A do-not-track law focused on protecting Web users' privacy may not be necessary, with private groups working to implement recommendations from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the agency's chairman said Monday.

Google ends Chrome search rank penalty period

Google has released Chrome from the penalty box and reinstated the browser's PageRank after a 60-day self-imposed sentence over a rule-breaking marketing campaign.

Google faces class action lawsuits against new privacy policy

Google faces consumer complaints in federal courts in New York and California, claiming that its new privacy policy violates the company's earlier policies.

Firefox to turn on default encryption for all Google searches

Mozilla is currently testing default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users, with the intent to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future.

Zediva: Former customers won't get refunds

The DVD-streaming service Zediva announced late last year that it knew customers were owed refunds and that it was planning its next steps. Over the weekend, the company announced that those next steps, in fact, do not involve refunding customers.

Remains of the Day: Myths and legends

The new iPad gets a legendary first unboxing, the rumored iTV is spotted overseas, and Microsoft has created a magical new touchscreen.

Apple's Retina-ready Web update reveals the pixels behind the magic

Apple has quietly updated its website so that it uses Retina display-ready graphics when appropriate for the new iPad. That change makes even clearer the image work involved in embracing the Retina display.