Don't-Miss Web site Stories

Apple's Retina-ready Web update reveals the pixels behind the magic

Apple has quietly updated its website so that it uses Retina display-ready graphics when appropriate for the new iPad. That change makes even clearer the image work involved in embracing the Retina display.

Apple to shut down

Apple announced on Friday that it's shutting down the public beta.

Google search domains to get HTTPS by default

The steady roll-out of SSL for the world's most popular websites continues with the news Google's global search domains will switch to HTTPS soon.

Opinion: Should you care about Pinterest?

It's the most hyped social-networking site since Twitter, but is Pinterest just another blip on the trend-o-meter or something that's worth your attention? If you're a collector, visual thinker, or retail business, the answer is yes.

Facebook pushes for HTML5 standards, mobile payments

Facebook is working with mobile operators to make phone-based payments easier and has launched an effort to standardize HTML5.

What you need to know about Do Not Track

Google decided on Thursday to get behind Do Not Track, technology that lets users opt out of online tracking done by websites and Internet advertisers. So where does Do Not Track stand now? We've put together some answers for you.

Google to pay users to track their movements online

Amid widespread concern about its new privacy policies, Google is now facing criticism over an offer to give users Amazon gift certificates if they reveal their Web activity.

EPIC sues FTC over Google's planned privacy changes

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, asking a court to force the agency to take action against Google.

Yahoo ousts half its board

As part of an ongoing effort to recover from a downward spiral, Yahoo said on Tuesday that four board members, including its chairman, will step down.

Who really was behind the SOPA protests?

Participation in last month's protests against the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act was driven by a combination of independent decisions by websites, behind-the-scenes organization by a number of groups, and grassroots response to the blackout and other online efforts.

Lawmakers question Google on its new privacy practices

Google's decision this week to share user data across its online services has caught the attention of eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Expo Notes: Gather online financial statements with FileThis Fetch

FileThis hopes to make the paperless office more of a reality with FileThis Fetch, a new online service that helps gather and organize your financial statements.

Google to combine users' data across its services

Google will be able to combine data from several Google services when a Google Accounts user is signed in, as part of a rewritten set of privacy policies that the company announced this week.

First Look: is Netflix for audiobooks

A new service called aims to help the heavy-listening crowd -- think of it sort of as Netflix for audiobooks. For $25 a month, you get unlimited access to its selection streaming of audiobooks. Kirk McElhearn takes a look.

'Don't Be Evil' bookmarklet tweaks Google search results to overcome Google Plus favoritism

Google’s recent move to emphasize results from its own Google+ social networking service is getting some new pushback in the form of a 'Don't Be Evil' bookmarklet that reorganizes the site's search results to place more emphasis on other social networks.