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Opponent says SOPA may be stalled in Congress

Controversial online copyright enforcement bill the Stop Online Piracy Act may be stalled in the U.S. House of Representatives.

SOPA author to remove ISP blocking provision

The lead sponsor of the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act, a controversial copyright enforcement bill, will remove a much-debated provision that would require Internet service providers to block their subscribers from accessing foreign websites accused of infringing the copyrights of U.S. companies.

Four Google social search tips for control and privacy

Google sparked controversy on Tuesday with the announcement of a major search update that includes content from its budding social network.

Use Fluid to create a Gmail app on your Mac

Macworld staff writer Lex Friedman explains how to use the free Fluid app to make a standalone Gmail icon in your Dock.

Senator: SOPA fight in 'last rounds'

Two lawmakers who are fighting the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills took their case to CES this week.

New era for Web site names begins Thursday

A new era of Web site naming begins Thursday, when Internet policymakers start accepting applications for hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of new domain name extensions.

Google social search adds 'personal' Picasa, Google+ results

Google will start rolling out on Tuesday a tight integration between its search engine and two of its social media sites, Google+ and Picasa Web.

How to keep up with Macworld coverage

You can keep up with our stories in a variety of ways. Here's a list.

With Thompson in CEO seat, Yahoo may go after Netflix

Just one day after Yahoo announced that it has found a new CEO, speculation began swirling that the Internet company may be looking to scoop up Netflix.

Lawmakers seem intent on approving SOPA, PIPA

The U.S. Congress appears likely to move forward with two controversial copyright enforcement bills, despite vocal and widespread opposition.

Google downgrades Chrome ranking after paid-link monkey business

Google penalized its own browser's search rankings over a marketing campaign that went bad, the company confirmed.

Yahoo taps PayPal president Thompson as CEO

Yahoo has appointed PayPal president Scott Thompson as its new CEO, filling the void left by the fired Carol Bartz.

Five New Year's resolutions to change the world

Computerworld's Mike Elgan thinks more people should emulate Steve Jobs in 2012 and take advantage of new technology to change the world.

IPv6 doomsday won't hit in 2012, experts say

Next year will see one more regional Internet registry run out of IPv4 addresses, but 2012 will be more of a year to prepare for the inevitable shift to IPv6, according to networking experts.

ComScore: US holiday online spending up 15 percent to $35.3 billion

Online spending so far this holiday season in the U.S. was 15 percent higher than last year, rising to $35.3 billion, according to figures released Wednesday by comScore.