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Turn sunlight into power with Changers kit, website

Berlin-based Changers is rolling out a charging kit that not only converts sunlight into power for charging devices like the iPhone and iPad, but also calculates how much energy you're creating. Download that info to the Changers website, and you can earn credits that can be redeemed with eco-minded retailers.

Remains of the Day: Hammertime

A surprising source introduces an untouchable search engine, an Apple Store manager makes an exception for one little kid, and can you really put a price tag on the iPhone 4S?

Ballmer feels lucky Microsoft didn't buy Yahoo in 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer feels intensely fortunate that his company's $44 billion bid for Yahoo back in 2008 never materialized.

Reeder for Mac 1.1.2

Reeder for Mac is a breath of fresh air in the crowded market for Google Reader and RSS clients, offering a healthy dose of features polished up with an interface that shows the program's iOS roots.

Microsoft's botnet take-down helps protect Mac users

Mac users can thank Microsoft for taking down the small-but-dangerous Kelihos botnet. At the software giant's request, a federal judge ordered VeriSign to shut down nearly two dozen domains linked to servers that controlled the botnet.

Senators question if Google has biased search results

In a Wednesday hearing, several U.S. senators accused Google of giving search preferences to its own suite of services over competitors; Google's Eric Schmidt denied that his company is manipulating search results.

Google Flight Search: Not quite ready for prime time

After testing Google's new Flight Search feature, CIO's Bill Snyder thinks the fare-finding service isn't quite ready to compete with heavy hitters like

MobileMe gallery alternatives

As of July 1, 2012, MobileMe Galleries are dead, dead, dead. How will you share your images in the future? Here are some ideas.

How to filter Google News

Tired of seeing tittle-tattle that passes for news on Google's News site? Here's how to filter out the cruft.

Researcher raps Apple for not blocking stolen SSL certificates

A security researcher criticized Apple for what he called "foot dragging" over the DigiNotar certificate fiasco, and urged the company to quickly update Mac OS X.

After hacking claims, second firm pulls digital certificates

GlobalSign is no longer issuing digital certificates as it investigates a hacker's claim that he broke into the company's computer systems.

Bartz out, after failing to deliver Yahoo turnaround

Carol Bartz is out as Yahoo's CEO. Here's what led to her departure.

Mac OS X can't properly revoke dodgy digital certificates

A programming glitch in Apple's OS X operating system is making it hard for Mac users to tell their computers not to trust digital certificates.

Read me: Four social-media sites for bookworms

In search of a good online reading companion, Serenity Caldwell takes a look at four book sharing and cataloging services: Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and BookLamp.

MP3tunes sees mixed outcome in EMI suit

If a user adds pirated music to an online cloud locker service, is the provider responsible? No, according to a decision made in a New York federal court on Monday.