Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta shines with new video capabilities

The latest iteration of Adobe Lightroom reveals both refinement and new features. There’s plenty of competition for top billing, but the star of this show is how Adobe has integrated video management into the software alongside its excellent still photography tools.

Now, video

Lightroom 4 will allow you to import video clips from digital cameras, which reside in the Grid view with photos. A neat trick, however, is that users can scrub through the clip by simply mousing over it. It’s fun and a helpful time saver.

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Smart tips for sharing holiday photos

By now you’ve probably attended a couple holiday get togethers—maybe even hosted one yourself—and have had plenty of photo opportunities by the tree, at dinner with friends and family, or out in the winter landscape. And once the holidays hit, that means even more memorable shots of the kids opening presents and dad devouring latkes. Instead of storing those photos within the confines of your camera's memory card, you’ll probably want to share them with family and friends.

While you can certainly email batches of photos, that can get tedious and time-consuming. And it’s not always the best idea to post your holiday photos on Facebook for all 500 of your “friends” to see. Your photo-sharing needs will depend on how private you want to keep your holiday shots, whether you prefer a paid or free service, how you want your photos displayed, and your preferred method of sharing—via Web or iOS device. Here are some ways to share your holiday photographs.

Go basic and free

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Control Photo Stream with iPhoto and Aperture

Considering how many photos are captured daily with iPhones all over the world, Apple’s Photo Stream (the imaging component of its iCloud offering) is a useful tool for getting pictures off our mobile devices and on to our computers and tablets. The challenge with Photo Stream is that it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Either it’s on and sharing every shot you take, or it’s off and not helping you at all.

But there is a way to control this flow on your Mac. By using iPhoto as the dam, and Aperture as the final destination, you can enjoy the benefits of Photo Stream without drowning in a deluge of snapshots.

iPhoto does a great job of helping you manage your Photo Stream.
Photo Stream basics

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Five ways to create and send holiday photo cards

The holidays are fast approaching and so is the pressure to send out your annual greeting cards to update family and friends about your fabulous life and beautiful children. We looked at five of the best, most user-friendly options that make it easy to design and send photo cards. Starting with the Apple programs you already have on your Mac or iOS device, and ending with sites you may not be familiar with, here's a walk through a veritable winter wonderland of photo card-making options.


When creating a card in iPhoto you can easily drag and drop photos from your library.

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Buying guide: Photo printers

The holidays are upon us, which means you’ll likely be seeing more friends and family in the next few weeks than you usually do the rest of the year. It also means you’ll be taking more photos and sharing them. Rather than sending your guests a digital file via e-mail (how festive!), consider printing some photos on the spot and sending your guests home with bright, sharp prints.

Need a printer? No problem. I’ve got four tips to help you make a smart choice when you go to buy a photo printer. And after you get that shiny new printer, be sure to check out Macworld's tips on how to get the best prints from your digital photos.

1. Choose the printer type

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