Jurassic Park: The Game trailer escapes from its electrified pen

The second title in Telltale Games' partnership with Universal Studios is headed to the Mac App Store, and this one’s got teeth (and hopefully, no dumb dinosaur puns like that one).

Telltale has started taking pre-orders for “Jurassic Park: The Game”, set for release in April 2011. Those who pre-order the game can get a $5 discount ($30 instead of $35).

Ooh, pointy.

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Lego Universe

Lego Universe is a kid-friendly MMORPG for the Mac. Combining a full Lego adventure with the ability to design and build one’s own Lego creations, Lego Universe generated considerable buzz from the legions of Lego fans that hoped to translate the popular building blocks into equally an addictive digital format. For the first time ever, Lego fans hoped to be able to build their own Lego creations, test them out, and then let them run free in a fully-realized, Lego-themed MMO.

Unfortunately, Lego Universe is an ambitious and epic title that is saddled with expectations that no game could deliver on. Kids will love jumping around to the various Lego-themed worlds, but adults and long-time Lego maniacs will find the Universe to be far too small, and the tools far too clunky to replace the real life blocks. Lego Universe is a fun diversion for a few hours, but until new worlds and new activities are added, this universe should remain only populated by kids and diehard fans.

Lego Universe resembles many other Lego games. Like Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones, you control a minifigure in a largely breakable world where you can earn points, weapons, and health. You’ll come upon “quick build” areas that will let your character to build interactive models in the Lego world.

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And Yet It Moves for Mac

Have you ever wanted to walk on walls? In Broken Rules' And Yet It Moves, a Mac game available on the Steam online gaming service ($10) and Mac App Store ($5), you can do just that. Originally created during a computer science course at Vienna University and later adapted for various mobile platforms, the game is a physics-based platformer that will make you question your spatial orientation while delivering you a challenging but engaging experience.

Unrefined looking, yes, but plenty creative.

And Yet It Moves is a 2D sidescroller with a distinctive visual style and even more distinctive gameplay mechanics. You control a paper cutout boy that journeys through a world made out of paper collages. The collages form interesting backdrops (mostly backdrops that look like forests, volcanoes, and rock formations) and mind-bending walking trails.

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Wizard Hex for iOS

The Trouble BrothersWizard Hex is an interesting twist on the traditional board game—it has the board, the tiles, and the funky grid, but features an ally system that makes strategy more complex than your average game of checkers. Like any good board game worth its salt, Wizard Hex is easy to learn, difficult to master, and perfect for a big group.

The pieces are iconic and the game seems simple enough. But complex strategies ensure you'll be playing this for hours.

Wizard Hex is played on a hexagonal board with six different elements—water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and ice. The goal is simple—use your elemental tiles to fill up as much of the board as you can. The winner is whoever controls the most board real estate, once the board is completely full of tiles. There are three levels, Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master—Apprentice allows you a large number of starting tiles, which decreases as the levels' difficulty increases.

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First Look: Dragon Age II is gorgeous, violent

Dragon Age: Origins was one of the top role-playing games to grace gaming in 2010. Unfortunately, Mac gamers had to wait weeks longer to get their hands on the exciting tale of swords, magic, betrayal and Darkspawn. But on March 8, when Dragon Age 2 launches in North America, Mac users will be able to get their hands on the hotly-anticipated sequel the same day.

Hawke as a male rogue.

Day 1 love for Mac fans

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HTC invests in online gaming, multimedia delivery

Smartphone maker HTC has acquired multimedia delivery specialist Saffron Digital and plans to pay $40 million for a stake in online gaming company OnLive.

OnLive delivers on-line, on-demand gaming services over broadband Internet connections to TVs, PCs and Macs, but does not yet target mobile devices.

HTC plans to buy 5.33 million shares of OnLive, the smartphone maker said in a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The privately held company does not indicate how many shares it has already issued. OnLive spun out of technology holding company Rearden in 2009, and has previously received investment from AT&T Media Holdings, Warner Bros and Autodesk.

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Medieval tower defense game migrates to the Mac

After wiping out small villages and kingdoms from your iPhone and iPad, you can finally go Medieval on your Mac. Brisk Mobile is bringing its tower defense game to the desktop via the Mac App Store.

Medieval mixes elements of a role-playing game with the action of a tower defense offering. Players spend gold on upgrading their weaponry and fixing their castle as they are bombarded by a seemingly endless barrage of knights and knaves on horseback and more "high-tech" weaponry such as catapults. Then when the battle lines are drawn, you fight back against the impending horde by launching a wave of arrows (flaming arrows sold separately) as they storm the castle. The enemy even employs attack from the air and brutish big bosses to bring the battle into overtime.

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