The Sims 3: Late Night for Mac

If you’ve been dying to get out of virtual suburbia, this is your chance. Electronic Arts' The Sims 3: Late Night expansion pack features an entirely new urban cityscape—“Bridgeport”—complete with high-rise buildings, celebrities around every corner, and a pumping nightlife. Not to mention all of the other features of cities—muggings, snobby socialites, and a rather dark supernatural underbelly. Okay, so you won’t find the “dark supernatural underbelly” aka “vampires” in NYC or San Francisco, but you never know!

Late Night features the first real vibrant city for your Sims to explore.

The Sims 3: Late Night is an expansion pack, which means that you’ll need a copy of The Sims 3 in order to play. Late Night features a brand-new neighborhood for your Sims to explore—a small built-up “city” called Bridgeport, which appears to be modeled after San Francisco and Los Angeles. Bridgeport features high-rise apartment buildings where your Sim can rent a modest studio apartment (living the real city life) or purchase an expensive penthouse. While high-rise apartments have naturally limited space (you won’t be able to build outside of your apartment, obviously), there are plenty of new sexy furniture options, including an absurdly large wall-sized fish tank.

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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge for Mac

Dust off your spyglass and get ready to snoop; Her Interactive has another Nancy Drew adventure game ready for the Mac. While the developer—known for producing games for girls and women—has nearly two dozen Nancy Drew games available for the Windows PC platform, Shadow at the Water’s Edge marks their third release for the Mac. Like other games in the series, Shadow at the Water’s Edge lets players play as Nancy and features several other familiar characters from the popular Carolyn Keene series as they find themselves solving a mystery, this time in Japan. Shadow at the Water's Edge can feel slow due to the lengthy dialogue and challenging puzzles but the dynamic characters, beautiful graphics, and an enticing story ultimately make for a rich gaming experience.

I'm more worried about the floating cat head than anything this woman is saying.

The game begins when the well-loved teen detective journeys abroad to relax, visit some friends, and teach English in Japan. However, immediately upon arrival, Nancy gets wind of some strange goings-on in the traditional Japanese ryokan she’s staying at. While all of the characters seem to have their own take on the rumors that the inn is haunted, several encounters with things that go bump in the night lead Nancy to embark on one of her full-fledged investigations. The story unfolds nicely, and each clue offers its own piece of exposition, so there’s no need for lagging explanations at the start.

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Word Solitaire: Aurora debuts for iPhone, iPad, Mac

About a year ago, a group of developers at Candywriter with a love for word puzzles and Solitaire thought “why not combine the two?” and Word Solitaire was born. Now, after a successful run with that addictive title, Candywriter is releasing the sequel: Word Solitaire: Aurora and it's available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Word Solitaire: Aurora, like its predecessor, uses the basic game mechanics of traditional Solitaire, but instead of numbers or suites, each card represents a letter of the alphabet. Your task is to stack cards on top of one another to create words and expose more letters. Once all provided letters have been arranged into words, you can advance to the next level.

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FIFA 11 for iPhone

EA’s sports games always focus on getting the details right, and FIFA 11 for iPhone is no exception. The game requires 858 MB of space on your device, but all that data is put to good use: the graphics, gameplay, play-by-play commentary, and in-game audio all work well to make a fun, highly-replayable soccer simulation.

The game is fully licensed. It includes more than 500 genuine FIFA teams, with accurate player rosters.

As has become the norm in touchscreen gaming, FIFA 11 uses a virtual d-pad on the left, with context-aware action buttons on the right. (Lefties can swap those controls around.) On offense, you get Pass, Through, and Shoot buttons, and on defense you get Switch (player), Slide, and Tackle buttons. (These are the Casual controls. Players can switch to Advanced controls, which employ A, B, and C buttons for passing, shooting, and “combo” moves. I preferred the Casual option.)

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Capcom Announces Smurfs' Village for iPhone

On Thursday, Capcom announced Smurfs’ Village for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Smurfs' Village is a free social game where players must help the blue cartoon characters rebuild their home after the villainous Gargamel discovered it and scattered the Smurfs throughout the forest. You’ll recruit recognizable Smurfs from the series, like Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf, and Smurfette, and make the new Smurf village better than the last.

Cue the adorable theme music.

While the app seems inspired by games like the popular Zynga app, Farmville, Smurfs’ Village will stand out because the gameplay will offer more than just simple, mindless clicking. Entertaining mini-games litter the village, offering simple but varied fun. You’ll quickly learn there is more to Smurf culture than blue skin and farming.

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Back to the Future: The Game slated for December release

If all you want for Christmas is a time-traveling DeLorean, you might be in luck. Telltale Games has announced that upcoming title  Back to the Future: The Game is slated for a December release on Mac and PC, so you’ll be able to spend the holidays racing through time even if you don’t have a real flux capacitor.

The game picks up shortly after the events of the third Back to the Future film and features the two main characters of the series, Marty McFly and Doc Brown. The story will unfold across five episodes, with new episodes released on a monthly basis.

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City of Heroes: Going Rogue for Mac

Being a hero is no easy feat: it takes perseverance, practice and that special lack of dignity that is required to wear a costume that, in most cases, would leave even Liberace speechless.

However, fancy dresses and odd names are nothing more than the pageantry of heroship—a fact that players of Paragon’s City of Heroes have known ever since the company’s hero-centric massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) launched in 2004. With the recently released Going Rogue expansion (corresponding to the eighteenth update to the game), Paragon brings a number of needed improvements to the gameplay, including the much-requested ability for a character to switch sides.

You'll get missions in Going Rogue that will affect your morality ratings, making you more likely to turn villain or hero.

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