Kootol sends legal notice to Apple, others, claiming patent infringement

Another patent-holding company has set its sights on Apple, numerous other large companies, and even smaller developers like The Iconfactory, alleging violations of a patent that covers one- and two-way messaging. On Friday, Kootol Software announced that it sent notices of the alleged patent infringement to a variety of companies you may have heard of; in addition to Apple, Kootol sent letters to Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Nokia, Foursquare, IBM, LinkedIn, MySpace, RIM, Quora, Salesforce, Twitpic, Ubermedia, and iOS and Mac software developer The Iconfactory. Those last three companies all make software that integrates directly with Twitter.

Kootol, founded in 2010, says it has a patent license agreement with Yogesh Rathod for control of U.S. Patent Application 11/995,343. Rathod, in fact, is a co-founder of Kootol with his brother Vijay Rathod. According to Kootol, the patent application “covers core messaging, publication and real time searching technology.” Interestingly, the patent in question hasn’t actually been awarded to Kootol or Rathod yet. Rather, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued “A Notice of Allowance.” That’s the term for when the USPTO says that an applicant is entitled to a patent under the law, but must pay an issue fee (and potentially publication fee) first, within three months.

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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for iPhone and iPad

In my experience, iOS games that accompany the release of major motion pictures should come their own giant, flashing “Proceed With Caution” sign. I’ve found such apps usually have a rushed-to-market feel, as if they were slapped together to be on the App Store in time for the movie’s premiere. And whatever effort the developer and studio put into the initial release is usually long forgotten by the time the movie lands in the “Bargain DVDs for Under $10” bin at your local supermarket.

If Marvel Entertainment and its new corporate parent Disney aren’t careful, though, they’re going to give the movie tie-in game a good reputation. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, newly released to the App Store to help promote the forthcoming Captain America movie, features solid production values and engaging gameplay. This universal game will be a welcome arrival for Captain America fans and may even entertain iOS gamers who couldn’t care less about Steve Rogers’s alter ego.

In the Captain America game, Cap’s commando pals have been captured by Red Skull and his sinister Hydra organization. It’s up to Cap to lead a one-man assault to free his buddies and foil Hydra’s plot to build deadly super weapons to use against the forces of good. This backstory sets into motion a side-scrolling platform game, in which you tap into Cap’s superhuman abilities to make your way through 24 unlockable levels.

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Apple announces App Store Volume Purchase Program for businesses

The App Store makes downloading and installing software for iOS devices easy—for consumers. But what about if you’re running a business and you want to get apps for all of your employees? For those cases, Apple has announced the App Store Volume Purchase for Business Program, which offers to businesses the same capabilities that the company made available to educational institutions last year.

With the Volume Purchase Program you create a single Apple ID that is specifically used to manage purchases for your organization. Using that account—which needs to be linked to a corporate credit card or purchasing card—organizations can search for apps and then purchase them in bulk. (There’s no discount for purchasing in bulk, however; the prices remain the same as they are in the App Store.)

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iOS Accessory Roundup: Everything is everything

Another week, another round of iOS accessories that prove the versatility of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. If you believe the hype, music, golf, driving, and even your health can all be improved with the right add-on. Read on for all the details and decide for yourself.

Adonit's Writer 2

Adonit: This accessory maker has come up with an environmentally friendly Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 2, the Writer 2 ($100). The device is made from polycarbonate, aluminum, and biodegradable fabrics—among other materials—making it easy to recycle when it reaches the end of its life. The case incorporates magnets to work with the iPad 2's sleep/wake feature, putting the tablet to sleep when shut.

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AOL presses Play, a social music app for IOS

AOL on Tuesday released Play, a new social music app for iOS. Marketed as the Instagram for music, the app was first launched at SXSW, but was originally only available for Android phones. Now you can get it in the App Store, too.

Play provides basic music listening, but also adds more social elements to the listening experience. You can rock out to any music on your iOS device from within the app’s interface—and also post to Twitter or Facebook about your songs, follow others to see what they’re listening to, and comment upon and “like” your friends’ songs.

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Remains of the Day: Paranoid Android

E-readers go high definition, Apple loses in court, new iPhone ads appear, and not even Android users want to buy Android tablets. The remainders for Monday, July 11, 2011 almost feel bad for Android tablet makers. Almost.

The first Google eBooks-integrated e-reader (Official Google Blog)

The poorly-capitalized iriver Story HD e-reader will go on sale on July 17 at Target stores. The device will be the first e-reader to integrate with Google’s open ebooks platform. I’m most excited about the “high definition” claim regarding the reader’s e-ink screen: If it’s anything like high-def television, I expect to see every single pore and pimple camping out on each (text) character’s face.

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