Heckler Design @Rest for iPad

Heckler Design's $59 @Rest for iPad is a simple-but-versatile stand for your iPad that converts from a 30-degree to a 60-degree angle by moving two little rubbler brackets, which the company calls resting pegs. It can be used with your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation, as well as with non-Apple tablets and e-readers. (Heckler Design claims it can even be used as a laptop stand, although I didn't test it as such.)

Made of steel with a powder-coat finish, the @Rest is large and solid—it's so heavy, at three pounds, that it practically doubles as a hand weight. It’s also fairly large at nearly 4 inches tall, 8.5 inches deep, and 6.3 inches wide—definitely not something you'd want to tote around. Despite its metal construction, it has no sharp edges that could scratch your precious tablet.

The @Rest is available in five designer colors: Slate, Sky White, Silver, and Bright Red, although you can also order custom colors. The stock colors are a bit on the muted side, but that's a good thing, as it prevents them from being garish. Two adhesive-foam resting pads and four adhesive feet can be permanently attached to the @Rest to protect both your iPad and your furniture.

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EyeEm for iPhone

I like Instagram, and considering the app hit its 150 millionth photo upload earlier this month, I’m certainly not alone. But the number of available photo sharing apps—Trover, Photogram, and Color, just to name a few—is so exhausting that when a new one comes out, it has to be genuinely unique and well-done. Even then, success isn’t guaranteed.

Hello, Kitty: EyeEm's homepage features a changing background of user photos

EyeEm, launched from the Germany-based startup of the same name, is a new social photography app that hopes it can fill a gap in the overpopulated market. EyeEm’s basic concept is similar to Instagram's: Share your photos with friends; add lo-fi filters at will. What’s unique about EyeEm is its tagging system, which makes it easy to describe photos and connect with other users who have similar photographic interests.

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EA launches Madden 12 for iPad and iPhone

If you love American football, but hate the idea of physically enduring all that running around and tackling, there’s always been Madden NFL, the video game football simulator that’s been releasing iterative updates annually since 1988. And if you prefer your video-game football with a heavy helping of multitouch gestures, you’ve been able to play Madden on your iOS device since 2009’s Madden 10. On Tuesday, Electronic Arts released its latest iteration of the game for iOS: Madden 12.

Costing $7 for iPhone and $10 for iPad, Madden 12 sports more than 2500 actual NFL players from all 32 teams. You can compete in standalone exhibition games, play through an entire 16-game season, or relive the 2010/2011 playoffs (which no Eagles fan would ever consider doing). EA claims that Madden 12 sports “sharper gameplay and cleaner graphics” than its previous incarnations on iOS.

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Adobe CreatePDF comes to iOS devices

Ever since the iPhone and iPad began to pop up in workplaces, apps for reading and annotating PDFs have proliferated. Now Adobe—the company responsible for bringing PDFs to the desktop computing masses—has launched Adobe CreatePDF, an app that lets users create such documents on their iOS device.

CreatePDF, which debuted Monday on the App Store, is a universal app that’s compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. The app—originally available for desktop computers—uses the same technology behind Adobe Acrobat to turn documents originally created in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, and others, into PDFs. To do so, just open a compatible file—say an email attachment, or other document—in the app, which will take care of the rest. After the PDF is created, it can then be shared via email.

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CNN acquires iPad news app Zite

CNN on Tuesday announced that it had acquired Zite, the popular personalized news app for iPad. CNN says that it will run Zite as a standalone, distinct company.

Zite, which includes some similarities to the Flipboard app, attempts to create an individual, personalized magazine for you based on your interests. It culls articles from news sites and blogs around the Web; the more you use it, the more it learns your tastes, improving its article selection.

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Pimp Your Screen for iPhone and iPad

It’s the mobile device equivalent of showing up at a social event in the same outfit: Carrying around an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that sports the same wallpaper as everybody else. With Pimp Your Screen from Apalon, you can minimize the chances that your iOS device will look indistinguishable from everyone else’s. The $1 app offers a broad selection of well-designed wallpapers for iOS devices of all sizes, making it easy to customize your new look.

Pimp Your Screen runs on iOS 3.0 or later, but note that if you’re using the older operating system, you’re limited to adding wallpaper to your lock screen. To customize your home screen wallpaper, you’ll need to run iOS 4 on your device.

New Look: Browse through Pimp Your Screen’s selection of wallpapers to find one that suits your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

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Macessity KiiPad

We’ve reviewed a number of desktop iPad stands, but none of them has been focused specifically on using the iPad with an external keyboard. Macessity’s $40 KiiPad, however, forgoes features such as adjustable height and multiple angles in favor of a low-profile design aimed at iPad wordsmiths.

Made from a single piece of solid steel and weighing 2.2 pounds, the KiiPad isn’t travel-bag friendly, but at just 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep, the KiiPad’s footprint on your desktop or countertop is only about half an inch wider and deeper than Apple’s Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.

That size isn’t an accident—the KiiPad is specifically designed to be used with Apple’s keyboard. When you’re not typing away, they keyboard slides neatly underneath the KiiPad. With just over an inch of vertical clearance, the KiiPad also works with Targus’ Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad, Logitech’s Tablet Keyboard for iPad (outside of the Tablet Keyboard's own travel case), and similarly sized third-party iPad keyboards. Three openings in the rear—one in the middle and one on each side—make it easy to push the keyboard forward so you can slide it out. Four wide, plastic feet keep the KiiPad’s steel edges from scratching your work surface.

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