Apple files inaccurate evidence in Dutch Samsung case

Apple has filed potentially inaccurate evidence again in a case against Samsung, this time in the Netherlands, where the company is arguing Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones are too similar to its iPhone 3G.

Apple also has an ongoing case in Germany, part of a global intellectual property battle with Samsung in the mobile phone and tablet market. In addition to the charges that Samsung’s Galaxy devices are “slavish” imitations of Apple’s designs, the two companies are also clashing over several alleged patent infringements.

Apple has provided flawed visual evidence of similarities between the iPhone 3G and Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones to the District Court in The Hague, an investigation by Dutch IDG publication has found. A picture of a Galaxy S smartphone has been resized to match an iPhone 3G.

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Tracks for iPhone

The photo sharing app Tracks from Tracks Media wants to be a hub for social photography, but it needs to expand its reach first.

Getting started with the app is easy enough—create an account and tap the plus button to begin a new project. After starting, you can invite friends to participate out of your address book. Sadly, adding your friends doesn’t actually do anything if they don’t already have a Tracks account.

Track your photos: Photos are organized into tracks where you can see the total number of photos and contributors.

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AT&T texting "streamlining" points to SMS's slow decline

The good ship Text Messaging may be slowly sinking: AT&T confirmed to Macworld on Thursday that it will be reducing new customers’ options for paid messaging plans.

The carrier will eliminate the $10-per-month 1000 messages option and the $5-per-month 200 messages option for individuals, leaving new customers with the choice to either pay $20 per month for unlimited texting or to pony up $0.20 or $0.30, respectively, for every text and multimedia message that they send or receive. Those on family plans, meanwhile, can pay $30 per month for unlimited messaging on up to five lines.

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Memonic for iPhone and iPad

Memonic for the iPad and iPhone combines a standalone app, Web-based service, and Safari bookmarklet to enable you to save material from the Web, take quick notes, save bookmarks and entire Web pages, organize disparate content from a variety of sources, and share what you’ve gathered and noted with others, either in whole or in part.

In addition to the iOS version, Memonic apps and programs exist for a slew of other platforms, including the Mac, Windows, and Android, while the developer provides browser bookmarklets and/or extensions for Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Lay of the Land: When you view an entire Web page through Memonic, a button at the top left indicates the folder where the page is stored. A share menu on the bottom right includes options for emailing the item, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, and copying the link to your iPad clipboard.

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Skype Wi-Fi lets iOS devices connect to a million hotspots

Skype Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi hotspot service formerly known as Skype Access, is now available on your iOS device. With the new, free Skype Wi-Fi app, you can connect to over one million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, paying only for the Internet minutes you use.

Skype says that prices will start at 6 cents per minute, with no data limits. You launch the app, login with your Skype credentials, tap Go Online, and you’re good to go. Skype says your iPhone or iPad needs to be running iOS 4.1 or above to work with Skype Wi-Fi.

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Google's Photovine app shares themed photos

Although the new Photovine iPhone app in the App Store appears to be from a developer of the same name, it’s actually a Google joint. (Google owns Photovine.) It’s a free app for photo sharing that seems to fall somewhere between Instagram and Color.

In Photovine, you browse vines—shared collections of photos connected by a single caption. In the promotional video on Photovine’s website, one woman starts a “Warm and Fuzzy” vine with a snapshot of her puppy; a picnicking couple’s self-portrait and a hirsute sunbather’s chest soon join the mix.

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