Ask the iTunes Guy: iTunes file conversion, album artwork, and more

My last few columns have mostly dealt with problems with Apple’s iOS 10 Music app. There are plenty of these, and while there are workarounds for some of the changes, many of the missing features are just gone.

This week, it’s time to step back from what’s broken, and answer a few questions about how iTunes works: I look at file conversion, playlists, and album artwork.

Does iTunes convert?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: See your playback history, missing artist images, exporting playlists, and more

My last two Ask the iTunes Guy columns have been about the iOS 10 Music app, and, well, the iOS 10 Music app. Lots of users are floundering in a ball of confusion with this new app that is supposed to let them easily play music. In this week’s column, I cover—guess what?—more questions about the iOS 10 Music app, but I look at some iTunes questions as well.

Looking back

Q: How do I find the history of the songs I’ve listened to in the new iOS 10 Music app?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: More of your questions about iOS 10’s Music app

I usually receive about a dozen iTunes Guy questions a week, but following the release of iOS 10, my mailbox has been overflowing. More than 100 people wrote in with questions about the new Music app in iOS 10. I covered a number of issues with this app in last week’s column, but we’re running a special follow-up about iOS 10’s Music app this week because of, as they say, popular demand. Do have a look at last week’s questions and answers as well, as they may resolve some of your problems with this new app.

Sorting is wrong

Q: Help me! When I tap Songs, my music is sorted by artist, not by song as it was before. I have to search now to find a song to listen to. Is there any way to fix this?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Your questions about the iOS 10 Music app

Apple released iOS 10 this week, and with it a new Music app, as well as an update to Apple Music. I’ve been getting a lot of questions in recent weeks about the iOS 10 Music app from people who have been using it as part of Apple’s public beta program. And immediately on public release, I started getting emails about some of the quirks in this new app. So this week’s column looks at several issues in the iOS 10 Music app: ratings, Up Next, Genius, and more.

Thank my lucky stars

Q: I rate much of my music with star ratings, but I can’t see any way to do this in the iOS 10 Music app. Have star ratings been removed from the app?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Selecting multiple playlists, iOS Music icons, and more

“Why can’t I do [enter your pet peeve here] in iTunes?” It’s a common question; not that everyone wants to do the same thing, but I get a lot of email from readers wondering why a specific feature isn’t available in iTunes. In this week’s column, I look at one such missing feature: the inability to select multiple playlists to be able to move them to a folder. There is a workaround, of course, and I explain it. I also discuss the perplexing icons on the iOS Music app, and a case of a possible missing Repeat button in that app.

Selecting multiple playlists

move playlists to folder

Select multiple playlists and move them to a folder with this AppleScript.

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Split albums, move iTunes content, and more

So many iTunes problems, so little time. It’s frustrating to have to worry about all these glitches and quirks when you just want to listen to your music. This week I explain how to fix a common problem where iTunes splits albums among multiple Artist entries. I then discuss how to move your iTunes content to a new Mac when doing a clean install. And I give some tips for working with a Mac mini server without a display.

Too many artists

itunes artists

Sometimes iTunes lists an artist many times, even once per song on an album.

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Bookmarking audiobooks, hard drive problems, and more

The summer is here, and lots of people want to relax and enjoy the weather. But there are still problems with iTunes that keep them from listening to their music and books in peace. In this week’s column, I look at a question about bookmarking audiobook files, help solve a problem with iTunes media on an external hard drive and an issue with app updates in iTunes, and then discuss Apple’s cloud offerings for music.

Don’t forget

Q: Is there any way to set the Remember Playback Position option so it is on by default for all new tracks? I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and I have to manually set that option each time I add new books to my iTunes library. If iTunes could do that automatically for all new loaded files, it would make life easier.

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