Ask the iTunes Guy: Inconsistent buttons and faulty gapless playback

iTunes has many quirks and inconstancies. In this week’s column, I look at a few of them. Why do Next and Previous buttons display only sometimes when you view track tags? Why does iTunes funnel videos into the Home Videos category? And why isn’t gapless playback working on iOS devices running iTunes Match?

Next and Previous buttons are inconsistent

Q: When I go to edit tags for a song in my iTunes library by pressing Command-I, sometimes Next and Previous buttons display at the bottom of the window; but sometimes they don’t. It seems random whether or not they show up. Can you tell me what’s going on?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Changing tags and missing movies

Why on earth does iTunes sometimes change the tags of content in your library? Can you back up your iOS devices to a different folder than the default location? And if you accidentally delete all your movies, how can you get them back? Read on to discover the answers to these three questions.

Why the heck are may tags changing?

Q: I have a very specific way of tagging my music, and iTunes sometimes changes the tags of many of my songs back to the way they are in the iTunes Store. I’m not using iTunes Match, so why is iTunes changing my tags?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: When iTunes Match doesn't match

In this week’s column, I examine an iTunes Match problem that happens to some people, where their music isn’t available from a Mac. I also look at two questions which can be resolved using AppleScripts: One about queueing playlists, and another about exporting playlists to listen to on a USB stick connected to a car stereo.

Where are my matches?

Q: I have over 12,000 songs stored in iCloud with iTunes Match. For some reason, I cannot access them from my MacBook Pro. I can access all of them from my iOS devices, so I know they’re all still there. Is there any way I can fix this so I have access to iTunes Match on my laptop again?

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Ask the iTunes Guy: Special tagging issue

A few weeks ago, I wrote two articles about tagging media files in iTunes. The first was about how to tag, and the second about fixing poorly-tagged music files. In this week’s column, I address a number of questions about tags: fixing duplicate artists, adding Year tags, and correcting Genre tags.

When two is too many

Q: I have a number of artists in my iTunes library that show up twice in Artists view. In some cases, a few songs from one album are under one occurrence of the artist’s name, and the remainder are under a second occurrence. How can I fix this?

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