Is there a way to sort Safari bookmarks?

Christine Girone had a peculiar occurrence:

I recently edited my bookmarks, and the links I created in each folder changed to be in alphabetical order. Yikes! I needed them to stay in chronological order. Any way to fix this?

What’s peculiar about this? Safari doesn’t feature a way to alphabetize bookmarks! There is no built-in way to sort bookmarks (or URLs) alphabetically in Safari. So I’m not sure what happened that caused this spontaneous reshuffle.

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I have multiple Apple IDs. What happens if I delete one?

Nicole Max writes in with a question that is all too common in one variant or another in response to an earlier Mac 911s about managing two Apple IDs:

I do indeed have two Apple ID accounts and it appears that my iPhone and iPad are listed as the two devices on one account (the one I use to sign into iTunes with). My laptop is listed as the device on the other account.

Here’s the problem for her:

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iCloud Photo Library requires copying images to the Photos for OS X app

Rohone D’Souza asks:

Is it possible to use iCloud Photo Library without actually copying all the photos into Photos (like iTunes lets you use it as an indexer without storing the files in its own central location)?

Unfortunately, no! Photos for OS X does let you reference files without making a duplicate copy in the currently selected Photos library.

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How to manage media when migrating to a Mac with a smaller drive

A reader with the nom de Internet of Bass Hound writes in with a set of interlocking problems:

  • Their new computer has a 128GB drive while the old one was 512GB. They have a Time Capsule backup and wonder if they can make choices while restoring the backup.

  • While they’ve opted into iCloud Photo Library, they “have not, however, joined Apple Music because I don’t want to pay the ongoing fee.”

  • Finally, they’d like to “add all my media—music, movies and possibly pics—to an external drive.”

This is not an uncommon collection of questions, so I’ll do my best to knock them all out.

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How to consolidate iPhoto libraries

Steven Graeber just upgraded to El Capitan and wants to move his photos from iPhoto to Photos for OS X, but:

Photos gave me an option of 5 different libraries to choose from. Why is there more than one? I have never used multiple libraries. And the dates on these are from times I wasn’t using iPhoto at all.

You’ve got a couple of approaches to solve this.

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Two issues with iCloud Photo Sharing

Stéphane Rainville writes in wondering about how to preserve comments on photos in shared albums. (Shared albums work with iCloud Photo Sharing, but also using iPhoto and iOS 7 as “shared streams.”):

I’ve been using shared albums to show pictures of our newborn daughter to our extended family. Now, after sharing 1,269 photos, I’m sure I’m taxing people’s local storage on their iPads/iPhones, and so I’d like to start archiving. Most precious, however, are the comments everyone has made on individual pictures, and I haven’t found a way to archive while preserving comments.

Unfortunately, Apple documents in a few places that while you can back up shared photo albums that aren’t persistent—that aren’t part of your iCloud Photo Library, if you use that feature—comments aren’t attached. They’re only stored online. This is unfortunate, because you’ll lose those forever unless you take screen captures, print PDFs, or the like.

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When iTunes accounts intermingle: How to separate the data

Shirley Last Name Withheld wants to help her boss, who constantly loses his phone, without having her data get intermingled with his. She notes:

Although I sign into iTunes using his Apple ID—say—and sync his phone with iTunes, all my data (photos, contacts, etc.) goes into his phone as well. How can I separate his stuff from mine?

If he’s switched entirely to iCloud syncing, iCloud backups, and iCloud Photo Library, you could avoid using iTunes altogether, but it sounds like that might not be in the cards. If you can make that happen, you’ll probably need to make sure he has 50GB or 200GB of paid iCloud storage as well.

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