Should two-factor authentication let me verify via a single device?

Allen thinks something is off with Apple’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system which is a replacement for its older two-step verification system. He’s verified and MacBook and his iPhone, but notes that when he logs in via a browser to the Apple ID site or using his MacBook…

…my MacBook will display a map with the option to select Don’t Allow or Allow. When I select Allow, I then get a pop-up with my verification code. Using this verification code, I’m able to log in with no issue.

He sees the same map and code on his iPhone, if it’s turned on.

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How to copy your Photos Library and keep its organization

Peter writes:

How do I backup the Photos Library so the folders remain organized in the external hard drive just like I have it in the Mac?

I read this question and almost replied, “That’s easy!” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s an intricate question, because of how Apple has its own organizational structure that’s invisible in the Photos Library, independent of how you sort images in the Photos app. And because there are several possible answers to the same question.

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Can an iPad connect to a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display?

Mike Fagan wants to use his iPad instead of a laptop, but want an external monitor:

My problem is that my office has a 30-inch Cinema Display that has only a DVI-D connection. Is there any way to connect my iPad (lightning) connector to the 30-inch Cinema?

Mike, have you ever heard of Rube Goldberg? (Or Heath Robinson?) Well, never mind. There’s a way, but it’s got a few steps to it.

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What to do when your photos won’t print properly

Reader Hatsuo Higa wants to sort out a printing problem:

The other day I was printing using Photos, and afterwards, when I printed the next photo, it rotated vertically instead of horizontally, and only a small portion of the picture came out. I tried many times to print photos from my HP6525 printer using the photo tray without success. The letter size is fine but the smaller size can’t be printed because the photos are sideways. Any solutions?

There are so many things that can go wrong with printing to other than standard paper sizes, like letter and A4, that it’s a wonder we can ever get photos to come out of a printer at all. I feel like I’ve wasted more photo paper than I’ve ever used to get a quality image to come out the hopper.

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How to solve incorrect photo rotation after sync or upload

Louis Skrabec wants the angle on photo orientation:

I downloaded photos from my camera to my Windows PC. I rotated photos taken in portrait orientation 90 degrees using the photo editing feature and saved the changes. Then created a new shared album in iCloud and uploaded the photos. All portrait photos that I rotated to proper positions are back in landscape orientation. What did I do wrong? How do I fix them?

Rotation is a surprisingly complicated issue! What you’re seeing is a common mismatch between editing and display software.

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How to upload a photo from Photos for OS X to a website

Reader Stephen Love writes in about uploading photos that are stored in Photos or iPhoto to websites. He knows he can navigate to a photos library—an OS X package that can be opened—and find media inside there. But he wants to be able to select images as they appear in Photos or iPhoto.

You should be able to use a media browser, sometimes labeled or described somewhat differently among various Apple software, desktop user interface, and third-party apps. In Pages and iMovie, there’s a labeled option to browser your main and alternate media library, including offering options for both iPhoto and Photos if you’ve retained libraries in both formats.

mac911 media browser selection dialog

Every selection dialog should let you browse media libraries.

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