How to fill your home with Beats music

Reader Shawna Collings wants to get the Beats. She writes:

I’ve just heard that Apple has acquired Beats Music. I’ve never used a subscription music service before but am curious to try. I’d like to hear its music on my devices other than just my Mac. What are my options?

To begin with, it’s important to understand that Apple intends to operate Beats as a separate entity and that, as I write this, the acquisition announcement is all we have to work with. So, don’t expect to launch iTunes and see it as a music source. For the time being, you access Beats as you always have done.

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How to capture movies of your iOS device's screen

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has a question about capturing an iOS screen for broadcast. This person writes:

I’m creating a website of Mac and iOS tutorials and tips and I’m wondering if there’s a way to make a screen recording in iOS like there is through QuickTime in OS X.

Regrettably, unless you jailbreak your device, there isn’t a way to capture its screen directly on the device. However, with the help of your Mac, it can be easily done.

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