Using iCloud Photo Library with a library bigger than the main hard drive

Joseph Walker has a very interesting dilemma:

My 1TB iMac died and I decided I wanted to move 400GB of photos and videos into the iCloud Photo Library and enjoy all the syncing features along with simplified backup protection. I purchased a 128GB SSD MacBook Pro. I cannot figure out any way to take three 100GB+ photo libraries and get them into the cloud library??

Joseph suggested a number of strategies he’d thought of, and discarded for various reasons. However, I’ve got an answer for him that he might actually like. Joseph is perfectly happy to pay for the cloud storage to keep iCloud Photo Library his master copy.

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When double-click stops working in El Capitan

Dexter Rucker wrote in with a poser:

After upgrading to El Capitan, I no longer have the capability of double clicking a folder on the Desktop to open it; I have to right-click and choose Open. It doesn’t matter which mouse I am using: Apple’s Magic Mouse or the MX Master by Logitech.

Dexter went through the Finder preferences to make sure that he didn’t have Open Folders in Tabs set (though that should have opened them in tabs) and examined other potential settings to no avail. I pored over forum postings for any similar reports by others and found none.

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How to print a web page as a PDF with links that work

My friend Swoozy got in touch: She needed to print some articles she’d written for the web as PDFs, but wanted to keep the links intact, so that those receiving them could follow them. It’s an easy proposition with a few options.

Web browsers render the text on a page as rich text in different ways—you can see this when you copy text from a web page and paste into a Word, Pages, or TextEdit document. Safari seems to handle using the built-in print to PDF function in OS X perfectly well, preserving a reasonable amount of formatting, as well as keeping hyperlinks marked and active.

mac911 print dialog

Safari can use a standard Print dialog and preserve links in a PDF it creates.

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How to set up old iPhone as an "iPod touch"

Reader Grayson Price asks:

I recently got a new iPhone 6, and I still use my old iPhone 5 as a glorified iPod. Is there a way to set up text message forwarding on my iPhone 5? Is there a way to install the iPod version of the OS on the phone?

I’ll start with the second: Fortunately, iOS is essentially the same on every iOS device for which the release runs. It’s only since iOS 4 that the original iPad appeared and caused a divergence, which was rectified by iOS 5. Since then, you can just install the latest update to any phone that supports it.

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Use iOS's Guided Access to disable Photos delete and other app features

I recently answered a reader’s question about whether deleting an image or video in Photos for OS X and iOS with iCloud Photo Library meant the photo was gone forever. (The answer is: Not immediately unless someone then also deletes it from the Recently Deleted special album.)

I said there was no way to prevent someone using your iOS or OS X device from using the delete feature, but Ralph van Doorn wrote in with an excellent suggestion!

I would recommend that you set the iPhone or iPad on Guided Access and disable the delete button. You set it once, and whenever I give my iPad to my son, I start Photos, and triple-click the home button to start Guided Access, and I don’t have to worry about photos being deleted.

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Why bookmark logo icons disappear in Safari

TK Oates writes in with a commonly seen problem:

When I logged in at the CPH [Copenhagen, Denmark] airport for their free Wi-Fi, many of my Safari icons were changed to the airport logo. How do I change them back?

This is the heartbreak of portal pages, something you’d think would be solved after about 15 years of publicly available Wi-Fi networks that use interception technology to require you to accept terms of service, watch an ad, log in, or make a payment to use the network.

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Unenrolling from Apple's beta programs: back up or back out

After a recent article on how to stop receiving notifications from the App Store about freshly baked OS X betas if you’re enrolled in the public beta program, I received a few related questions: How to install the production release of El Capitan, not the final golden master version? And how to get out of the iOS beta.

These answers are less pretty than unchecking a box and clicking a button. Apple has relatively detailed instructions at its Unenroll page, but I’ll be a little more blunt than it is.

Install El Capitan release after the beta program

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