How to capture audio with a new Mac Pro

Reader H. Landreth is one lucky (or, at least, well-heeled) Mac Pro owner. He writes:

I recently purchased a Mac Pro to replace the old cheese-grater Mac Pro I’ve had since 2009. When moving cables from my old Mac to the new one I was stumped when it came to plugging in a Toslink audio cable that I’d used in the past to capture high resolution audio from a device in my office. In fact, I don’t see any audio input jack at all, much less a Toslink connection. How am I supposed to do this now?

You’re correct that the Mac Pro has no audio input. When designing the smaller Mac Pro I suspect that Apple looked at the old Pro models and considered which ports were used by the fewest number of people. Clearly the optical audio in and out ports were prime candidates for cutting.

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iCloud two-step verification just added another step: app-specific passwords

Reader Darlene Brian is having issues with her iCloud account. She writes:

I use Outlook for Mac for my email and today it’s been telling me that my iCloud account isn’t authorized. I’ve entered it multiple times and it still won’t work. I’ve tried other third-party apps that use iCloud and am having similar difficulties. Any idea what’s going on?

If I had to guess I’d say that you have implemented two-step verification for your Apple ID. As of October 9, 2014, Apple requires that you generate app specific passwords for third-party apps that use your iCloud data. This includes apps such as Outlook and BusyCal.

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How to transfer camera images to an iPad with an old adapter

Reader Joan Morton has an old adapter but is considering a new one. She writes:

When I purchased my original iPad I also bought Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit—the two adapters that let you import pictures via USB or an SD card. I now have an iPad Air and wondered if there was some way I could continue using them.

The unspoken elipsis in your question is “These things have a 30-pin connector and my iPad Air has a Lightning connector so….”

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How to use your iPhone as a removable hard drive

Reader Dale Caywood seeks something a bit more from his iPhone. He writes:

I sometimes need to carry files with me and transfer them from one computer to another. To do that I copy them to a flash drive. But then I leave that drive behind or lose it. Is there some way that I can use my iPhone for that kind of storage?

You can, though your iPhone won’t appear as a mounted USB drive as a normal flash drive does.

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Two email tips every Mac user should know

What with a new version of iOS out along with iPhones to accompany it you’d think I’d be flooded with questions of a mobile nature. Nope. Instead, I’ve had a handful of questions about email. Let’s tackle two of them.

The first is from reader Sushil Pradhan who asks:

I carried out all the steps to export the mailbox from my Windows PC and import it to my Mac. I now have an mbox file that I’d like to bring into Outlook for Mac. But when I try to import it, Outlook gives me the option of importing only two types of files—pst and olm. There is no mbox option. Please help.
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Call the plumber: How to teach Siri about your relationships

Twitter follower Tom McM posed an expectedly short question along these lines:

How can I teach Siri about my relationships?

All my followers are good people and therefore not the kind of folks who would invoke Siri simply to drone on and on about their domestic problems. Given that, what I believe Tom is asking is how to get Siri to respond appropriately to your “Call my little snuggle lumps” requests.

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