Bugs and Fixes: What's with Yosemite renaming shared computers?

There’s a mysterious network bug in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The symptom is that the shared name (as viewed in the Sharing System Preferences pane) of one or more of your OS X devices keeps changing. It may start out, for example, as “My MacBook.” Check back later and it will be “My MacBook (1).” Still later, it will have morphed to “My MacBook (2)” ad infinitum. These changes occur without any action on the part of the user.

yosemite sharing

If a number gets appended to the name of your computer in Sharing, you're probably a victim of the bug described here.

Adding to the annoyance, the multiple names begin to populate the Shared section of Finder sidebars—as seen on every Mac within your local network. The result is that your sidebars soon wind up with several numbered items representing the same drive, all but one of which fail to connect to anything. If you’re lucky, there are no other overt symptoms. If you’re not lucky, you may find that the renamed volume loses its connection to iCloud or other shared services.

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Mac won't boot? About Yosemite and your third-party SSD

Reader Richard Spitzer is concerned about using a third-party SSD drive with his Mac running Yosemite. He writes:

I just read an article that Apple is disabling the TRIM function for third-party SSDs in the Yosemite OS update. I have installed third-party SSD drives (in my case Samsung) and until I saw the article was thinking about updating from Mavericks. Should I hold off and what does this mean in the long run?

Let’s start with some words of explanation.

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Caps Lock driving you nuts? Here's how to disable it in a hurry

Reader Kent Schrader has a love/hate relationship with his third-party keyboard. He writes:

I used Logitech’s diNovo keyboard for Mac for years and loved it. But a couple of keys broke and so I wanted to get another. Unfortunately, Logitech doesn’t make them any longer so I got their Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac. I like the feel of the keyboard but the Caps Lock key drives me nuts. Not only doesn’t it light up when you push it, but you can’t use Keyboard preferences to turn it off. I’m always hitting it by mistake and THEN THIS HAPPENS. Any way to fix these problems?

You can do something about each issue. We’ll start with the light.

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How to make sense of Safari's new Favorites bookmarks

Reader John Toman is a bit at sea in regard to Yosemite’s version of Safari. He writes, simply:

How do you edit and arrange bookmarks in Safari 8.0?

What’s likely throwing you is the new Favorites view. This is the one where you launch Safari and the bulk of its window contains icons representing bookmarks and folders. These are simply larger representations of those items as they’re arranged in your list of favorites.

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How to keep iCloud Keychain from adding old email accounts

Reader Carrie Lane finds her Mac populated with old email accounts. She writes:

Since I upgraded to Yosemite, the Mail app has started asking for passwords for accounts that I no longer use. I didn’t add them when I first set up Yosemite. What’s going on?

iCloud Keychain is what’s going on. At one time you added these accounts to another device you own. When you enabled iCloud Keychain on that device, it made note of these accounts. When you then set up Yosemite and enabled iCloud Keychain on your Mac, iCloud—thinking it was doing you a favor—added those old accounts.

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How to make copies of all your old camera's pictures

Reader Kevin Kincaid has a question about an old camera and new desire. He writes:

I’ve had a number of digital cameras over the years and I’m interested in retrieving all the images shot with a particular one. Any suggestions how I might find them?

I have two, in fact. The first is to open iPhoto, choose File > New Smart Album, and in the sheet that appears create a condition that reads Any Text Contains [camera model], where the last entry is the model iPhoto recognizes for your camera. (If you’re not sure how iPhoto identifies your camera, just select an image taken with it and click the Info button at the bottom-right of the iPhoto window. In the resulting Info pane look near the top for the model number.)

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How to make the best use of Mail Drop

Reader Joshua Snider seeks more information about one of Yosemite’s new Mail features. He writes:

I’ve heard that I can send really large attachments through Yosemite’s Mail, but does that mean that whoever receives my messages has to also be running Yosemite and using Mail as their email client?

No. The Mail Drop feature isn’t really using attachments in the way that you’re accustomed to. Rather it’s using an attachment analogy so that typical users don’t have to be confounded by talk of cloud intermediaries.

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