How to use a game controller with your Mac

Reader Bruce Harris would like to get double-duty from a gaming device. He writes:

I purchased a PlayStation 4 and an extra DualShock 4 controller for two-player games. I rarely use the second controller and wondered if I could use it to play games on my Mac.

You can, though with some games you’ll need extra help. Before we get to that let’s start with the hardware configuration.

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Upgrading your Mac: Moving hard drives from a Mac Pro to iMac

Reader Ruben Diaz is trading up, but would like to take his existing gear with him. He writes:

I’ve been using a Mac Pro for many years but it’s time to upgrade my computer. I’m not ready for the investment that comes with a new Mac Pro so I’ve settled on a 27-inch iMac. The problem is that I want to use the four hard drives that are in my current Mac (set up as four separate volumes) with the new iMac. What do you suggest?

If I were in this position I’d strongly consider a 4-bay drive enclosure. This allows you to plant all your drives in a single box and connect them to your iMac with just one cable. The question you must next consider is “what kind of cable?”

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When Dvorak dies because of Word bug

Reader Jane Kerns has a bone to pick with Microsoft in regard to her favorite keyboard layout. She writes:

I have used the Dvorak keyboard layout for close to 30 years. I also use Microsoft Word 2011. My problems started with the most recent update, 14.4.3. Now when I open Word and/or when I open a Word document, the keyboard layout changes to QWERTY. I talked to Microsoft support to get a workaround, but they say it is a Mac problem, not a Microsoft problem. What’s the real story and is there a workaround?

I can’t swear that the Microsoft representative you spoke with normally wears a hat, but if so, they were talking through it. Given that the Dvorak keyboard setting sticks when using Word 14.4.2 but not with the latest update, of course it’s Microsoft’s problem.

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Bugs & Fixes: Phony Photozoom malware adds ads

Recently, upon visiting my Slanted Viewpoint blog, I was shocked to see an advertisement at the top of the page. I had never selected, modified, or added anything to my blog’s settings that might have caused ads to start appearing. What the heck was going on?

Making matters worse, the ad covered over article text, requiring readers to dismiss the ad before they could proceed. Plus, the ad was for cosmetic products, which is completely unrelated to anything I had ever written or would ever write about. I was now angry as well as shocked.

teds ad1

The ad that mysteriously began to appear on my blog.

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Workarounds for deleted network aliases

Reader Scott Coatsworth has an issue with disappearing shortcuts. He writes:

I need to transfer files from my Mac to another on our network, so I create shortcuts to the relevant folders on the other Mac in my Finder sidebar. Invariably—sometimes after a couple weeks, sometimes after only a day or two—all my shortcuts to the other Mac’s folders disappear and I have to go back and manually set them all up again.
Is there a way to stop my mac from deleting these shortcuts? Or is there an app that will manage them for me so I don’t have to go through this frustrating exercise every time?
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How to optimize broadband while on vacation

Reader Patty Hamilton is in the mood for travel but would like to remain connected. She writes:

My family and I are renting a house for a week’s vacation. I’ve been told that wireless Internet is provided but I’ve found some of these “free” connections can be so slow that they’re almost unusable. Any hints for using broadband on vacation?

The good news is that broadband speeds tend to be better for home and condo rentals than some motels and hotels because they’re plumbed with connections typical of the surrounding neighborhood rather than offering a shared, bulk connection. Hotels often use such a shared connection for dozens-to-hundreds of rooms with the result being slow going.

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