Making Harmony remotes aware of Roku devices

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to address the MyHarmony software, which is far more current than the Logitech Harmony Remote Software originally discussed.

Reader Doug Dyson has what may be an unrelated-to-what-I-normally-write-about question. He asks:

I’ve heard you say that you like Logitech’s Harmony Remote universal remote control. I have one too, but I can’t seem to make it work with my Roku set-top box, yet it’s fine with all my other gear. Any ideas?
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Devices disconnecting? It's about the hub, bub

Reader Micha Warwick has a problem with power. He writes:

I recently purchased a powered 10-port USB hub because I have a lot of peripherals. I’ve used nearly all the ports for external devices—a web cam, some external drives, and so on. When I plug in my camera I see a message that one of my hard drives has been disconnected even though I haven't touched the cable or powered down the drive. Is the hub or drive broken?

No. In fact, the hub is operating exactly as it's supposed to.

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How to stream your musical performances across the Web

A musical reader is anxious to perform to a remote audience and writes:

I know you’re a musician and I’m hoping you can answer this one for me. My family lives across the country and I’d like to perform a concert for them via the Internet. I have a MIDI keyboard and play through Apple’s Mainstage 3. Is there some way I can stream my performance to them?

There is. I’ve tried this using a couple of different setups and the one I’ve settled on is Rogue Amoeba’s $59 Nicecast. The gist is that Nicecast allows you to use any app as an audio source and stream its output over a local network or the Internet. Specifically, here’s what you’d do.

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When auto-play videos play anyway

Reader James Haring would like to do something about videos that play unbidden in Safari. He writes:

I read your column about blocking auto-play videos and I’ve installed ClickToPlugin per your recommendation. But it doesn’t seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?

I use ClickToPlugin with Safari as well and have no issues with it failing to block the Flash videos that are thrust at me. Given that it works for me I’m going to suggest that you check the plugin’s settings.

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How to sync both ringtones and iTunes Match music

Reader Aaron Landers is confused by an element of iTunes syncing. He writes:

I have some songs on my iPhone that I’ve downloaded via iTunes Match. On this same iPhone I want to install some ringtones that I made in GarageBand via iTunes. But when I choose to sync ringtones, iTunes threatens to erase all the music on my phone. I’m afraid to try so can you tell me what will really happen?

I’d be happy to. This warning tells me that you last synced your iPhone with a Mac different from the one you’re attempting to now sync ringtones with. And because you are, iTunes is telling you that when you choose to sync from the new Mac, content copied from the old Mac will disappear. And that’s correct. Any ringtones or music copied from the old iTunes library will be vaporized when you sync the phone with the Mac you’re currently jacked into.

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How to remove unwanted utilities from your Mac

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous is attempting to help his helpmate. This person writes:

My wife recently took her Mac to the company where she works as a contractor so that the IT department could install updates for some of the software she’s required to use. When she brought it back home we discovered that they’d installed McAfee Endpoint Protection. Since it’s returned her Mac is locking up and she’s having problems with her email. I have to think that it’s the McAfee product. Do you know how we can uninstall it?

I do, but before I tell you how, a word of caution.

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