Bendgate forever: turns out aluminum is still bendable

Harken, if you will, all the way back to late September when iPhone 6 Pluses were bending left and right and causing pundits to theorize that there was a scandal brewing along the lines of Watergate.

Or, actually, you don’t have to harken, you can just read the Boy Genius Report, which is still going full-Bendgate (tip o’ the antlers to Rob Wensing for the links).

On Halloween Day, BGR’s Chris Smith asked “Has Apple quietly fixed its iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’ problem?” Now, before you wonder how Apple could get people to stop sitting on their phones, there’s an easy answer: Make them run so hot people don’t want to put them in their pockets. Problem solved. But what Smith was actually “reporting” was a Reddit piece by a d00d who thought he saw a red thing inside his iPhone 6 Plus.

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Samsungfreude: A funny thing happened on the way to the winning

Friends. The Macalope has some terrible news. Are you sitting down? It’s... it’s... about Samsung.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung reported a nearly 50 percent drop in third-quarter profit, as its smartphone business lost ground in an intensely competitive global market.

Whoa! Almost fiddy purcent?! That’s almost half! Well, cheer up, Samsung. The good news is you can keep losing half your profit and still be profitable forever.

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