Absurd infinitum: Deliberately misunderstanding Steve Jobs

Have you ever seen pure dumb in its fully weaponized state? It’s not pretty. The devastation it can create is unparalleled. So grab an ice pack and some Ibuprofen because this one’s gonna hurt.

Apple had a tremendous event this week where it announced the iPad Pro, a completely new Apple TV, and a new lineup of iPhones. Not bad for a week’s work. So, what are many people focusing on?

The Daily Mail proclaims “Steve Jobs would NOT approve: Apple unveils ‘monster’ iPad Pro with a $100 ‘pencil’ the late co-founder famously said nobody wants” (tip o’ the antlers to @papanic).

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Saving Private Apple: A solution in search of a problem

Good news, everyone! Apple may not be doomed! (Offer not legally binding, void where prohibited.)

Writing for Fortune, S. Kumar tells us “How the new iPhone could save Apple”.

Could! Might not, though. Still up in the air if Apple will be “saved”. Still… there’s a chance! That’s at least something for Tim Cook and crew to hold onto. Other than all the money, of course.

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Walk on the mild side: Android Wear comes to iOS

Are you someone who thinks the smartphone in their pocket should look great while the smartwatch on their wrist should look like a can of clams? Well, your day has come!

Writing for the International Business Times, Mike Brown makes the case for using an Android Wear smartwatch with your iPhone.

“Android Wear Now Works With iPhones: 5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Apple Watch And Go Google” (tip o’ the antlers to @JonyIveParody)

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Primal scream therapy: When you're so mad at Apple

The Macalope loves it when writers from other disciplines decide we need to know why they hate Apple. It’s exactly why the horny one so often pontificates about pre-Columbian South American art (don’t even talk to him about the post-classic period).

Writing for Mother Jones, political blogger Kevin Drum publicly scratches an itch:

“Apple Hates Me. I Hate Them Right Back.” (tip o’ the antlers to Francesco Casale and @JonyIveParody)

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