The paradox: Perpetual 'loser' Apple somehow keeps winning

As Apple Pay rolled out last week, making your checkout experience that much easier at several retailers, some retailers reacted by disabling the feature because it runs against their business interests.

Jim Edwards knows exactly how to sum this up:

“Wal-Mart Is At War Against Apple Over The New iPhone Payments System—And Apple Is Losing” (indirect link and tip o’ the antlers to @_HairForceOne)

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Spot the hubris: A case of the pundit pot calling the Apple kettle black

You know how terrible it is when kittens turn into cats, right? Everyone was all “Awww, kitten!” and now they’re like “Big deal, it’s a cat.” That’s the point we’ve reached with tablets.

“Apple Is Confusing Tablet Leadership With Awesomeness" (indirect link and a tip o’ the antlers to Shawn King)

Writing for TechNewsWorld, Chris Maxcer is confusing market maturation with failure.

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Broken record: iPad naysaying from the usual suspects

Were you people aware that Rob Enderle is still a thing? A thing that sometimes writes about Apple? The Macalope was astounded to find this out yet again. Every time he’s pointed to a piece by Enderle he does a double-take. How wrong can someone be time and time again and not simply wink out of existence? Turns out quite a lot!

”Tablet Wars: The iPad Drifts Toward Mediocrity” (indirect link with a tip o’ the antlers to Shawn King)

Rob would know about tablet mediocrity, having previously touted the Dell Mini 5 because—and this is an actual quote—“You can put the Dell Mini in a belt pouch.” Well, you could, but you might burst into flames because of all the hotness.

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