Part of the problem: Covering the fact there’s too much Apple coverage

If the Macalope knows one thing it’s that the way to solve the problem of people yelling “FIRE!” in crowded movie houses is to yell “TOO MANY PEOPLE YELL ‘FIRE!’ IN CROWDED MOVIE HOUSES!” in a crowded movie house.

Writing for The Next Web, Mic Wright complains: “Here’s what will happen when the new iPhone is announced: Apple is too predictable.”

The slug for this piece is “one-more-thing-give-us-your-money-punks”. Because Wright is shocked — SHOCKED! — to find there is capitalism going on here!

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Market sharing: These predictions are useless

Remember market share? Turns out people are still trying to make a big deal out of market share, even after history has shown it really isn’t that big a deal, at least when it comes to Apple.

Well, a research firm is, which is not technically a person. This one in particular is more like a clown rodeo, except actually funny.

“Here's why the iPhone isn't going to catch up to Android any time soon.” (The Macalope’s allowing a link here because BI is mostly just reporting a research firm’s numbers.)

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Re-seeing the light: All is forgiven, Microsoft!

Once again we see that there is nothing Apple can possess that Microsoft cannot take away.

Vivek Wadhwa says “I used to doubt Microsoft. Then I installed Windows 10.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Adam Levy.)

Yes, unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 does not literally make you set your PC on fire out of sheer frustration! Is there no end to Microsoft’s genius? Surely this is bad news for Apple.

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Against the CurrentC: The Apple Pay rival’s continued false start

Remember CurrentC? Well, how could you? It still hasn’t gotten started. It’s the giant retail consortium’s little payment method that couldn’t even.

“Apple Pay rival CurrentC could be delayed again as retailers jump ship”

You mean the more complicated, less secure alternative to Apple Pay is going to be even later? Who saw that coming?

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