Dragshare for Dropbox review: Menu-bar item makes sharing links less painful

Jon Seff , Macworld

One of the best things about Dropbox is how super easy the service makes it to share files with others—even if they don’t use Dropbox. Rick Waalders’ $2 Dragshare for Dropbox (Mac App Store link) makes the process even easier. Depending on how you work and how often you share files, Dragshare may be worth the small price tag.

Install Dragshare and it adds a systemwide menu-bar icon that looks like a drop of water. Link the software with your Dropbox account, and you then can share files by simply dragging them—either a single file or group of files—to that icon. When you do, Dragshare copies the data to its folder inside your Dropbox folder (Dropbox/Apps/Dragshare)—if you dragged multiple files, Dragshare first creates a zip archive—and then presents you with a popover sheet with three options.

dragshare sharing new
Drop a file on Drageshare and this sheet instantly lets you share it.
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