Restore Safari 5.0.3's tab opening behavior

Every time Apple updates Safari, it seems like there’s a war between the sighs of relief—”They finally changed that feature!”—and the cries of outrage—”How could they change that feature!?” In the case of Safari 5.1, it’s the behavior of opening links in new tabs that seems to have brought these two factions into conflict once again.

Put it on the tab—but where? Apple changed the default new tab location in Safari 5.1.

For those who haven’t been following along at home, the change is this: In Safari 5.0 and prior, when you open a new tab from a link it shows up all the way at the end of your tab bar. But in Safari 5.1, opening a link in a new tab causes it materialize directly to the right of your current tab.

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Under the Gavel: Contains graphic content

These days it seems as though every time one legal issue gets dismissed, three more spring up in its place—it’s like the Hydra of Greek myth got itself a law degree. I suppose if Hercules were around, he’d be wearing a $2000 Armani lion-skin and mucking out court rooms.

But he’s not, so it’s up to us to keep you apprised of all the legal wheelings and dealings that touch upon the world of Apple while we hold out for a hero.

To Affinity and beyond

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Review: Apple Mail 5.0

The new version of Mail included with OS X Lion, Mail 5.0, is a radical change from the past—and, at the same time, it isn’t. Mail 5’s additions represent a welcome refresh for Apple’s dependably sturdy email client, though the program blatantly borrows most of its new features from other, earlier innovators.

For Lion, Apple’s given Mail a serious facelift. A new “widescreen” layout, echoing Microsoft Outlook 2011, displays the selected mailbox’s messages in a vertical column, adding a short preview of each message’s text to the traditional sender and subject. When you select a message, the message’s contents now appear, by default, to the right of your message list. In an elegant touch, you can now select multiple contiguous messages just by clicking on one and dragging the cursor up or down the list, rather than having to hold down the Shift key.

The traditional mailbox (folder) list remains on the left, but you can now easily slide it out of sight to reduce onscreen clutter. The colorful icons of Snow Leopard’s Mailbox list and toolbar have been replaced by versions with a boxy, uniformly gray look in Lion. Just below the toolbar is a new Favorites Bar, similar to Safari’s Bookmarks Bar, for storing shortcuts to the mailboxes you use most often. I liked the new layout once I got used to it, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can easily restore the old look via Mail’s Preferences.

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Four Lion Terminal hacks

Lion's great, but some of us prefer mucking with the behind-the-scenes stuff with our operating systems. We've found a variety of Terminal tricks that can tweak various Lion behaviors. (Note that with some of these commands, Terminal may complain that a "default pair does not exist." Fret not. Run the command a second time and the error will go away.)

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Remains of the Day: Heavier than air

Rumors say Apple may be super-sizing the MacBook Air, but they also speculate that you may soon be talking to your iPhone. In fact, these are all just weapons being prepared for the oncoming patent war. And just what will it take to get kicked out of an Apple Store? One man sets out to find the truth. The remainders for Tuesday, July 26, 2011 are service with a smile.

Apple Finishing Up Work on an Ultra-Thin 15” Mac Notebook (MacRumors)

Is Apple working on a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook? Word on the Internet suggests yes indeedy. Given the success of the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs, it’s hardly a surprise that Apple would want to bring the Air’s smaller form factor and other improvements to its larger notebooks. My sources tell me that the prototype—codenamed Matryoshka—is actually just a 15-inch carrying shell that contains a 13-inch Air.

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Apple battery firmware open to attack, researcher finds

Editor's Note: The following article is reprinted from TechWorld.

The microcontroller used to control the charging of Apple’s laptop batteries could be attacked by malware in a way that might damage the cells, a researcher has reported in advance of a presentation at the forthcoming Black Hat security conference.

In an interview given to Forbes magazine, Charlie Miller of consultancy Accuvant describes his discovery that, after analysing an Apple software update from 2009, he could access the firmware and controller chip built into the battery used by all current Apple laptops using only one of two default passwords.

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Remains of the Day: iPhone 5:3

And lo, there shall come a day when all will gaze upon the power and the glory of a new iPhone! Soon. Really. Anyyyyyy minute now. Just be patient. It’s coming. Probably.

While you’re waiting for that, you might want to read about Apple’s new huge retail store, Facebook’s secret iPad app, and how Steve Jobs controls the world’s supply of traditional delicious American fare. The remainders for Monday, July 25, 2011 are here to comfort you.

(No, it’s still not here. Don’t make me turn this post around.)

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