Remains of the Day: Number one, with an icon

Deciphering Apple’s intentions is even more challenging than figuring out the Kremlin’s, though there’s definitely some similarity. Elsewhere, the Thunderbolt Display is ripped to shreds, iTunes movies surface around the world, and is it finally time to bid adieu to some venerable Apple products? The remainders for Wednesday, September 28, 2011 promised themselves they wouldn’t cry.

The secret numerology behind the iPhone event invitation (TUAW)

TUAW’s Steven Sande has cracked this whole Apple invitation wide open. I’m just surprised that nobody’s noted that the four apps in a 2-by-2 grid clearly summon to mind the latest iPod nano. COINCIDENCE? I think almost surely.

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Remains of the Day: Hulu hoops

Any potential buyers of TV-streaming site Hulu are going to have to play by its terms, it seems. Elsewhere, Facebook seems to have re-friended Apple, and you’ll soon be able to multitouch your Android phone as much as you want. The remainders for Tuesday, September 27, 2011 are just touched that you thought of them.

Guess Who Made The Highest Bid For Hulu (Business Insider)

Among the bidders vying for video-streaming site Hulu, it seems that the most valuable came from Dish Network. But none of the potential purchasers were apparently willing to offer as much as Hulu wanted—with the conditions that it set. Google offered more than Dish, but it wanted more rights in exchange. That’s Google for you—always standing up for people’s rights!

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Remains of the Day: iPhone home

Tired of iPhone rumors? Let me make this easy for you: It’s coming out sometime, at a place, with lots of new features for a certain price! There, done. Now unless you’re interested in the latest developments in the case of the lost prototype or how Apple’s former CEO destroyed the fabric of comics, you don’t even have to read the remainders for Monday, September 26, 2011.

October iPhone Event to Be Held on Apple Campus (All Things D)

As September draws to a close, whispers of an October Apple event have only intensified. All Things D’s John Paczkowski says that the company’s rumored song-and-dance will take place not at its usual fall venue in San Francisco, but on Apple’s campus. We suspect it’s just in case newly-installed CEO Tim Cook decides he needs to demonstrate his power by triggering the trap doors installed underneath journalists’ seats.

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Intego: Malware masquerades as Flash installer

On Monday, security company Intego warned Mac users of a new Trojan horse that masquerades as a Flash Player installation package for OS X Lion.

Intego reported that the Flashback malware is available on some sites that offer a link or icon to install Flash Player; Lion users may be vulnerable to the scam because the operating system doesn’t automatically include Flash. If users do click on the malicious link in Safari—launching the Mac OS X Installer—the software deactivates some security code, then deletes the original installation package. The malware then sends information about the infected Mac back to a remote server. Intego analysts are still investigating Flashback’s purposes.

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Weekly Wrap: Fear, Photos, and 'Flix

Each week, we’re faced with an impossible task when we try to round up the best Macworld stories of the week gone by—because everything we publish is, as you’d expect, pretty great. But we’ve made a series of Sophie’s choices, and we’re proud to offer you this roundup of articles worth clicking on, if you missed them earlier this week. And heck, if you already read them once, they’re even better the second time around.

Thunderbolt strikes!

Our big story of the week was probably our review of the snazzy new Thunderbolt display from Apple. It's especially awesome if your main axe is a MacBook Air, says Macworld Lab director James Galbraith. I mean, unless you carry your Air with you wherever you go. That 27-inch display will not fit in most laptop bags.

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The Macalope Weekly: Busted businesses

Want to know why Microsoft just bolted the Metro UI onto the Windows desktop? To protect its business model. eWeek, meanwhile, needs an intervention on its ad-impression-maximizing business model, because these top-ten slideshows aren't a healthy lifestyle choice. Finally, can we talk about HP? Because, whoo, boy.

Less money, more problems

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