Remains of the Day: I like big buttons

More rumors about the iPhone 5’s appearance surface, Google buys up yet another passel of patents, and Steve Jobs gets some praise from a surprising source. The remainders for Thursday, September 15, 2011 are just calling to say they love you.

iPhone 5 Screen Protectors Show Elongated Home Button Area (MacRumors)

iPhone 5 rumors continue apace, this time spurred on by a shot of a supposed screen protector for the forthcoming model. The image suggests that the new phone will not only be wider than the iPhone 4, but also feature an elongated Home button. To my mind, the bigger question is whether that button is an innie or an outie.

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Remains of the Day: Get the message?

iMessage may be the next iOS feature to come back to the Mac; ebooks are invading your social network and your coffee shop; and your next iPad may be fabricados no Brasil! The remainders for Wednesday, September 14, 2011 are a multinational global corporation bent on world domination.

Apple is Building iMessage into OS X Lion’s iChat (MacRumors)

FaceTime jumped from iOS to the Mac, so why not iMessage? The forthcoming iOS 5 feature may surface in a future version of iChat, according to one developer who’s been digging through code for the chat client. Just one more piece of evidence that some day I’m going to sit down at my desk and discover that Apple has replaced my Mac with a 27-inch iPad. *wakes up in cold sweat*

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Remains of the Day: Everything but the kitchen sync

Apple may be up for bringing back some of MobileMe’s soon-to-be-discontinued features at a later date, if consumers barrage them with feedback. Elsewhere, a profile of Tim Cook’s successor, an ultra luxury car with an Apple twist, and who made HTC the latest barometer of cool, anyway? The remainders for Tuesday, September 13, 2011 would like their car brought around right away.

Apple open to restoring axed MobileMe features in iCloud (AppleInsider)

Might Apple return some of MobileMe’s discontinued features to iCloud at a later date? According to one anonymous fellow, who claims he sent an email to Tim Cook and received a call from the Apple CEO’s office in response, that might just happen. So, if you want features like syncing of preference panes and keychains to return, I suppose it’s time to start your campaign now. Suggestion: Let’s take a page from the “don’t cancel our TV show” campaigns and send thousands of novelty keychains to Apple! That’ll do it, right?

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Remains of the Day: Hush-hush

iOS 5 has a possible ship date, though we’d guess it was picked with a dart and a calendar. Elsewhere, enjoy the rabid secrecy that kept the original iPad cloaked in mystery, hear one architectural critic take on Apple’s new campus, and read up on Amazon’s plans to potentially offer an all-you-can-eat book buffet. The remainders for Monday, September 12, 2011 mostly try to stick to the salad bar at the all-you-can-eat book buffet.

Apple to release iOS 5 GM to assemblers during week of Sept. 23 (AppleInsider)

And the release date pool for iOS 5 keeps growing. One analyst “revealed” (how mystical) to AppleInsider that the mobile update’s Golden Master (GM), or final version, is reportedly scheduled to go out to the device assemblers on September 30. Of course, if the analyst is wrong, I propose a public shaming. There’s got to be some risk, after all.

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Weekly Wrap: Lion secrets revealed, Mac and iOS apps, and panic

The kids are back in school. Football season is underway. That can only mean one thing: We haven’t found ourselves stuck in a frozen timeless vortex of agony and despair. Let’s celebrate our good fortune with another edition of the Weekly Wrap, wherein we look back at Macworld’s best stories from the past week.

Soft wherewithal

Intuit released a new version of QuickBooks for Mac, and said it wasn’t aiming for feature parity with its Windows counterpart. In his first look at QuickBooks 2012, contributor Jeffery Battersby reassures us that, fortunately, the software doesn’t appear to be a feature parody of its Windows counterpart, either.

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