Corsair reveals new 90GB SATA-3 SSDs

On Thursday Corsair revealed two new 90GB solid-state drives (SSDs). Both drives have a SATA-3 6Gbps interface.

The new 90GB Force Series GT is the fastest SSD made by Cosair. It uses ONFI synchronous flash memory, and according to Corsair, is capable of read speeds of up to 555 MBps and write speeds of up to 505MBps. The 90GB Force Series GT is $199.

The new 90GB Force Series 3 is a little slower than the Force Series GT. SCorsair says the Force Series 3 is capable of read speedd of 550MBps and write speeds of 500 MBps. The 90GB Force Series 3 is $159.

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Kanex offers Mini DisplayPort DVI converter for 27-inch Cinema Display

Kanex has unveiled the tantalizingly-named C247DL, a dual-link DVI-to-Mini-DisplayPort converter. The cable is designed for users with older Macs (or PCs with high-end graphic cards) who want to connect their computers to the 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display.

According to Kanex, the C247DL supports the Cinema Display’s full native resolution of 2560-by-1440 pixels, which standard DVI adapters can’t always handle. Kanex says that the C247DL actively converts the video signal from the dual-link DVI to provide the best picture possible.

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Evernote acquires Skitch, drops price

Evernote not only wants you to remember everything—it wants you to have the option to annotate it, too. On Thursday, Evernote announced that it had acquired Mac image annotation software Skitch and its two co-founders. The program will also now be available for free on the Mac App Store, eliminating its original $20 price tag.

The deal was announced by CEO Phil Libin at the keynote for the Evernote Trunk Conference, the company’s first gathering for Evernote developers. Additionally, both Evernote and Skitch posted blogs detailing the acquisition and future plans. All parties were quick to state that the app's development would continue to grow, spearheaded by co-founders Cris Pearson and Keith Lang, both of whom are moving from Australia as part of the deal.

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Remains of the Day: Don't call me surly

Apple makes another weak social connection, Apple’s forthcoming “spaceship” campus isn’t as big as previously thought, and diagramming patent suits is a great way to channel your inner high-school English teacher. The remainders for Wednesday, August 17, 2011 are in subject-verb agreement.

Apple's Online Store Gets More Social With Twitter and Facebook Links (MacRumors)

It’s happened to all of us: You’re browsing Apple’s online store and there’s a Mac Pro configuration that’s so sweet that it’s like pure sugar. But how to share it with your fellow Mac fanatics? Well, now you can directly post a link to certain products—currently only the Mac Pro and iPod classic—on Twitter or Facebook, thanks to the online store’s new built-in social integration. Though, to be fair, with the focus on those two products, this seems to be about as relevant as tweeting from Ping.

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VisualHub will receive official Lion update

Software seller Kagi is discontinuing the unauthorized Lion updater that it has been selling for Techspansion’s VisualHub video converter. In an email (and accompanying forum post) to Macworld, Kagi CEO Kee Nethery said that Techspansion would be producing its own free updater, which will be available to customers by mid-September.

“I agreed to make ‘simpler’ and official automated Lion updaters for VisualHub and AudialHub and offer them for free on, and Kagi agreed to discontinue sales and distribution of vHub Updater,” Techspansion’s Tyler Loch told Macworld via email. “The initial Lion fixes I created that we had been arguing about were free of charge, and I will not charge for the updater app.”

“This is good news for all our mutual customers and it is good news for Kagi,” said Nethery.

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Logitech announces Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac

Accessory vendor Logitech on Wednesday announced the environmentally conscious Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac, the company’s first Mac-specific keyboard since the diNovo Edge Mac Edition and the diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition.

A true full-size Mac keyboard, the K750 includes a numeric keypad, all the standard Mac modifier keys in their proper positions, as well as special-function F-keys for controlling media playback; adjusting screen brightness; and accessing Exposé, Mission Control, and Dashboard. The silver version even resembles Apple’s current Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, thanks to an aluminum-colored body, thin design, and low-profile, white keys. (The K750 for Mac is available in five different colors.)

But though it looks similar to Apple’s keyboards, the K750 for Mac is quite a bit deeper, front to back, thanks to a row of solar cells above the F-key row—like Logitech’s Windows-focused Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac is powered entirely by ambient light. According to the company, even standard indoor lighting is enough to charge the keyboard, and with a full charge, the K750 can operate for three months in total darkness. Which means that in real-world use, you should never have to worry about running out of juice. Logitech also touts the K750 for Mac’s other green credentials, including PVC-free construction and packaging that’s completely recyclable.

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Kagi sparks controversy with $5 VisualHub Lion update

Kagi, a popular payment processor for independent software developers, recently began selling a $5 Lion-compatibility patch for the discontinued-in-2008 VisualHub video converter that the original software’s developer says he didn’t authorize—and isn’t getting paid for. Kagi defends the move, arguing that it’s merely helping less tech-savvy customers that the developer abandoned.

Years ago, Tyler Loch’s one-man development shop Techspansion sold various media utilities for OS X. Among them was VisualHub, for converting movies between oodles of formats. It was a sad October 2008 day when Loch decided to shutter Techspansion’s virtual doors. Though Loch no longer offers support for VisualHub, he did post updated files and instructions for getting VisualHub working on Lion.

After getting complaints from customers about Lion compatibility, however, Kagi—VisualHub’s former payment processor—decided to offer its own vHub Updater for VisualHub patch for $5, without informing Loch.

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