The Macalope Daily: Welcome, Google. Seriously.

Yesterday Google announced it was buying Motorola Mobility because “Microsoft and Apple are a bunch of big meanies who have made us get out hands dirty in this filthy, filthy patent business.” That may not be a direct quote.

Not that the real quote is much better.

Our acquisition of Motorola will increase competition by strengthening Google’s patent portfolio, which will enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies.

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Remains of the Day: Put it on my TabCo

Steve Jobs’s biography is coming, and it’s got way fewer moving pieces than an old MacBook prototype. Plus, the company behind the mysterious TabCo viral campaign is unmasked, and it’s the most disappointing reveal since The Phantom Menace. The remainders for Monday, August 15, 2011 are going to cry like it’s 1999.

New Jobs Bio Cover Is All Apple With Pub Date of November (All Things D)

Walter Isaacson’s 448-page biography of Steve Jobs, mysteriously titled Steve Jobs, will be available on November 21. The book, which we’ve mentioned before, is based on more than 40 interviews with the Apple head honcho in which no topic was off limits. The book’s cover features a picture of a younger, hirsute Jobs, and will reportedly be available in a limited “aluminum unibody” edition.

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Is your printer compatible with Lion?

Upgrading to a new version of OS X is a process that is always fraught with peril; no matter how smooth Apple tries to make the transition—and, by all accounts, the company makes it very smooth indeed—there always a number of factors that are outside of the normal upgrade process and must be researched and anticipated, lest they trip up the unwary user and cause all sorts of problems.

One of these steps into the unknown is figuring out what’s going to happen to your peripherals once you install the new operating system. Printers, in particular, are tough to figure out: the wide variety of manufacturers and models can make determining whether all will be well post-upgrade a challenge.

The good news

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Weekly Wrap: Lion, iOS, and the Mac--oh my!

Hear that sound? That’s the sound of autumn’s unceasing approach. If you spent much of the past week enjoying summery weather before fall’s inevitable arrival, we can’t say we blame you. And we won’t hold a grudge if you missed a slew of important and exciting Macworld stories because of it. Instead, we’ll fill you in on all the good articles that you missed.

The Lion Thing

Although we’ve very nearly exhausted our supply of headline-worthy Lion puns, that hasn’t stopped us from covering Mac OS X 10.7 in great detail. If you’d like to show Lion who’s king of your Mac jungle, we can help you tame Lion’s Mail and take control of Mission Control. If, on the other hand, you’re still looking to migrate some files from an older Leopard Mac, you don’t necessarily need a CAT-5 cable, but you’ll definitely want to check out Apple’s Migration Assistant update for Leopard users.

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The Macalope Weekly: Surprise!

Many things may be surprising this week, dear readers. For example, you may be surprised to know that Rob Enderle was wrong about something! You would, however, have to have absolutely no idea who Rob Enderle is. But it’s possible! More surprising might be the Macalope’s take on the patent wars: He’s not, exactly, for Apple! Finally, it’s Apple’s turn to be surprised about a startling new technology known as “web apps.” Who saw that coming?!

Saturday Special: His record of being wrong is unbroken!

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Remains of the Day: Two's company, three's a cloud

Is Apple concocting an iPhone & iCloud sandwich? Rumors say “delicious.” Meanwhile, Apple Stores across the UK are clearing out their show floors as a precaution, and Nintendo’s investors are asking the company why it can’t be more friendly with that nice Apple boy down the street. The remainders for Thursday, August 11, 2011, are all over the place.

Apple Set To Release An iCloud iPhone Free With Contract Alongside Full Featured iPhone 5 (AppleNApps)

You love iPhone 5 rumors and you love iCloud, so what’s it going to take to make these two great-tasting rumors taste great together? Why, an iCloud iPhone, of course. This rumored device would be a cheaper (read: free with two-year contract) handset unveiled alongside the iPhone 5, but would use significantly less flash memory, instead relying on storing data—you guessed it—in the cloud. Serious question: How do we know when the cloud is full? Is that when it starts raining everybody’s data?

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eBay launches Mac app for auction tracking

Online auction service eBay jumped into the Mac App Store on this week, launching a new program that lets users track sales from their desktop.

The eBay desktop application was released on Tuesday. Like its iOS app predecessor, the app is aimed at buyers and not sellers—although eBay has solved that issue in the mobile arena with its new Instant Sale app. Users can’t put items up for auction, but they can create saved searches for products they want to buy, as well as monitor eBay’s Daily Deals. Users can also share links to favored items via email.

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