Remains of the Day: iFauxne

Could this be what the iPhone 5 looks like? I mean, sure, but for all we know it could also look like, say, a blue police box from 1963. Plus, the most exclusive of felonious iPad cases and 10 Things You May Not Know About Steve Jobs, But Probably Some of Which You Already Did. The remainders for Wednesday, August 10, 2011 learn something new every day.

This Could Be What Apple’s iPhone 5 Looks Like (MacRumors)

What to do when there are just no iPhone 5 rumors to rehash? Well, make some of your own, naturally! MacRumors commissioned design firm CiccareseDesign to make a high-quality, ultra-precise rendering of what the iPhone 5 may, in theory, possibly look like, based on supposed potential iPhone 5 cases reportedly leaked from some place that may in fact be China.

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Apple releases Migration Assistant update for Leopard users

Apple wants you to know that it takes care of its migrating Leopards—even if they’re not snow-colored. On Wednesday, the company released Migration Assistant for Mac OS X Leopard, to aid users in transferring files from a Mac running Leopard to one with Lion installed.

The update fixes an issue with Leopard’s Migration Assistant, wherein personal data, settings, and compatible applications would refuse to transfer from a Mac with Leopard installed to a Mac running Lion.

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Remains of the Day: Reduce, reuse, recycle

Apple sure loves the three Rs. One prominent Apple Store’s glass panels are being reduced, a rival company’s employees are being reused, and Macs, monitors, and iOS devices can now be recycled. But don’t forget the most important R: the remainders for Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Apple simplifying Fifth Ave glass cube with larger, seamless panes (AppleInsider)

Apple’s iconic glass cube flagship store is once again disappearing behind black and white construction panels—this time to simplify the glass panel structure. Instead of 90 glass panes, the revised cube will instead incorporate a mere 15, thanks to the implementation of larger, seamless glass pieces. Unfortunately, they left out the part where the pieces shift and change color as part of Steve Jobs’s secret ambition to build the largest Rubik's Cube in the world.

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Under the Gavel: On all fronts

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but there’s no such pithy aphorism for the legal profession. Litigation is the gift that keeps on giving—or, taking, depending what side you’re on. Still, if there’s a gavel in our vicinity, you can bet dollars to donuts that we’ll be under it.

Not literally, of course. That would be crazy talk.

European staycation

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Remains of the Day: With the greatest of ease

High-tech devices meet low-tech smuggling methods in China, consumers won’t be replaying iTunes movies anytime soon, and how do Apple’s computers boot up? Not so fast, says one company. The remainders for Monday, August 8, 2011 don’t drop their cargo at the first sign of an Imperial starship.

Flying Smuggled iPad In The Air (Video) (M.I.C. Gadget)

Smuggling of any sort can be dangerous business, what with customs agents and lengthy prison terms, but some folks in China have come up with a creative new solution: a very long zipline. Because prices are often lower in Hong Kong than in mainland China, these enterprising folks shot a zipline across the river separating the former British colony from the city of Shenzhen, then sent iPads and iPhones across in bags during the night. However, law enforcement personnel cracked the scheme, as it turns out that they too had attended summer camp.

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Samsung, Epson introduce new Mac-compatible printers

New Mac-compatible printers hit the market Monday—one aimed at institutional users, the other two intended for home office photo printing.

Samsung's CLP-775ND

Samsung’s new CLP-775ND color laser printer is being pitched for use in business, government, and education settings. The CLP-775ND is powered by a 600 MHz Dual Core processor and sports 384 MB of memory; it includes a 500-page cassette, a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray, and a 350-sheet output tray to enable 35-page-per-minute printing. The printer can handle a variety of paper stocks, ranging in size from 3-by-5 inches to 8.5-by-14 inches.

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Skype 5.3 brings HD video calling, Lion support

Having recently updated its iOS client to support the iPad, Skype on Monday released an update to its desktop VoIP client for Mac, bringing a handful of new features—including HD video calling.

If pixelated video just isn’t your style, you’ll welcome Skype 5.3’s HD video calling, which provides high-definition video, as long as you’re using a supported webcam (the company mentions the Logitech C910). Skype also says that you can use your Mac’s built-in camera, though in order to take advantage of the 1280-by-720 resolution you’ll need a Mac equipped with a FaceTime HD camera.

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