Apple unveils $999 education-only iMac

Apple on Monday unveiled a new, $999 “education only” 21.5-inch iMac. The new iMac—which is available only to authorized education purchasers, not educational customers buying through Apple's public-facing education store, is cheaper but less powerful than the $1200 base 21.5-inch iMac offered to all consumers.

Unlike that $1200 iMac, which sports a 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, the education-only iMac relies on a 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 dual-core processor. The education-only iMac also sports a 250GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and 256MB for the graphics card, all of which come in at about half of the respective specs of the base iMac. The education-only iMac also lacks one of Apple’s fancy new high-speed Thunderbolt peripheral ports; it does, however, have all the other features of the basic iMac, including one FireWire 800 port, four USB 2 ports, and a Mini DisplayPort. It also sports a FaceTime HD camera.

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The Macalope Weekly: Google bomb

Have you heard that Android is positively trouncing the iPhone in market share?! Yes, someone wrote that this week. Again. For all its weight, however, if you prick Google—by acquiring some patents it wanted to have all on its own—does it not bleed? Finally, the Macalope again wonders, what does Google really get out of Android?

Credulity incarnate

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Remains of the Day: Pico-boo

Can a domain name shed light on a forthcoming Apple product? Ehhh, probably not. Meanwhile, Acer thinks it has the 411 on what consumers really want and Apple files suit against knockoff retail stores closer to home. The remainders for Friday, August 5, 2011 have a license to thrill.

Why Did Apple Register (MacRumors)

Surfing WHOIS records to find new domain registrations—it’s the tea-leaf reading of the 21st century. MacRumors uncovered a listing for, which was apparently registered by Apple back in 2005, not long after the company unveiled the iPod nano. (Pico, of course, is the metric system prefix right below nano.) Personally, I’d like to see the company skip right to unveiling an iPod zepto—that’s the metric system prefix named after the fourth Marx brother.

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MotionComposer animates in Flash and HTML5

Aquafadas has unveiled a new Mac application that lets developers more easily create website animations that can run simultaneously on both Flash-oriented desktop browsers and iOS devices that run HTML5.

MotionComposer, launched Wednesday, can be used to create animated slideshows and banners for both Flash and HTML5 formats in a single step. Users can create their animations within the program, which comes with a variety of text and video effects and features a user interface that Aquafadas says should feel intuitive to users of Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote presentation programs.

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Google adds Preview Pane option to Gmail

Click to zoom: Gmail's new Preview Pane option shows the contents of an email without leaving your inbox.

Just a day after unveiling a variety of upgrades to its mobile Gmail interface, Google took the wraps off a new Labs feature for the desktop edition of its famed webmail client: Preview Pane.

In a blog post announcing Preview Pane, associate product manager Maciek Nowakowski writes that the new feature affords “a very familiar layout to those of you who have used Gmail on a tablet device”—a phrase which is linked specifically to Google’s blog post about Gmail on the iPad. The comparison is apt: Much like Gmail’s iPad-optimized edition, Preview Pane adds a large box to the traditional Gmail interface that shows the content of the currently selected message, without navigating away from your inbox.

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Remains of the Day: Droning on

Wild patents are attacking Google; film at 11! The Magic Mouse is doomed... or is it? And when there’s no news, just reprint old rumors with a slight tweak. Plus, who gave a news mogul an unmanned drone? The remainders for Thursday, August 4, 2011 are cleared for takeoff.

When patents attack Android (The Official Google Blog)

Apparently we’ve moved on to the hair-pulling and name-calling portion of the patent war. Google senior vice president and chief legal officer David Drummond has taken aim at the company’s major smartphone rivals in a recent blog post, in which he alleges that Microsoft and Apple are buying up patents to use against Android.

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The Macalope Daily: Credulity is a two-way street

Hey, readers, remember that survey that showed that Internet Explorer users were less intelligent than users of other browsers? The Macalope sure hopes so because it was just two days ago. (If you don't remember, consult a neurologist soon. Get help.) Well, a funny thing happened on the way to all the lulz.

Turns out it's a fraud (tip o' the antlers to Ed Bott).

So, as painful as it might be, this mythical beast must now throw himself on his own antlers for what he wrote two days ago. Which is really quite a feat of physical contortion if you've never seen it. It can be quite gruesome. Children and pregnant women may want to stop reading.

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