In Praise of iTunes Match

When Apple announced iTunes Match in June as a part of a raft of announcements related to iCloud, I was a little skeptical. I had just been released from my annual $99 payment to Apple for MobileMe, thanks to iCloud—I wasn’t excited about a new annual subscription taking its place.

Instead, I ended up figuring I’d pay $25 for iTunes Match, upgrade my tracks to higher-quality versions, and then never pay again. I heard a lot of other people saying the same thing.

Perhaps back then the details of iTunes Match weren’t quite clear enough, or perhaps I just wasn’t prepared to understand them. But after having used iTunes Match for a few weeks now, I’ve come to appreciate the service quite a bit… and have accepted that I’ll probably keep paying for it for years to come.

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Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe

I was in the third hour of a three-hour meeting on the afternoon of October 5, 2011, and I was feeling a bit punchy. The day before was an all-out sprint to cover Apple’s press conference and its fallout, along with plenty of technical snafus. So I was tired, the room was warm, and my mind was drifting.

Fatigue and stuffiness led to an inappropriately Deep Thought. And so I was struck by the fact that all of us has a bond that is unstated, obvious, and yet incredibly relevant: We’re all alive right now. We’re the people who lived through the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Not just the people in the conference room, but every single one of us. Despite all our differences, we share one huge bond: we are the people who are alive right now, right this very moment. We weren’t in the past, and we won’t be at some indeterminate point in the future, but right now we are all living in the world.

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Life after Jobs: Why Apple isn't doomed

The greatest fallacy in the story of Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO, the one you’ll find in endless media reports, is this: In 1985 after Steve Jobs left Apple, the company went on a downhill slide that led it to the brink of bankruptcy. Therefore, the Apple of 2011 is at risk of doing the same.

The factual statements are true, so far as they go. Steve Jobs did leave Apple in the mid-80s, and a succession of Apple CEOs named Sculley and Spindler and Amelio did manage to nearly run Apple into the ground over the next 12 years.

But the flaw in the History Repeats Itself storyline being promoted in some corners as Jobs steps down as CEO is that the Apple of today is nothing like the Apple of 1985.

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The shuttle and the stuff of dreams

Last week I was fortunate enough to watch from three miles away as 4.5 million pounds of spacecraft shot upward on a pillar of fire, piercing the clouds and heading for an orbital rendezvous with the International Space Station.

As I watched Atlantis make the final launch of the 30-year-old space shuttle program, I was struck by the intersection of technology and humanity that I had witnessed.

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Remains of the Day: By the numbers

One Apple employee finally got off iCloud. The iPhone 5 may or may not look different, and may or may not show up in a couple months. Speaking of iCloud and iPhones, most of us want to get our iPhones onto the former, and Israel wants a violence-encouraging app pulled fron the latter. The remainders for Tuesday, June 21, 2011 aren’t that good at math.

76% of iPhone users will adopt iCloud (TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

A new survey by RBC Capital Markets concludes that 76 percent of iPhone owners will use iCloud. I just completed my own independent research, which shows that 97 percent of dopey surveys yield reliably bogus statistics. And the other three percent yield unicorns.

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Weekly Wrap: Drooling over Lion, ruminating over iCloud, and more

Father’s Day is coming! But let’s face it: If you haven’t gotten a gift for Dad at this point, you’re probably just not going to. Instead, sit back and let us catch you up on the Macworld week that was.

Lion in wait

We know how you love drooling over Lion features. Serenity Caldwell ran away with this week’s pageview crown by posting not one, but two Lion rundowns. So pop on some Elton John in iTunes and check out her pieces on five new Lion features and five new things your apps can do with Lion, too.

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Weekly Wrap: WWDC, iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, fast iMacs, and much more

We started the Weekly Wrap a few weeks ago, to help you catch up on Macworld stories you may have missed. But if you missed the big stories this past week, you might want to see your doctor; this was the week of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s annual event wherein it makes all sorts of exciting tech announcements. Missing our big stories the week of WWDC is like a football fan forgetting about the Super Bowl, or an American accidentally forgetting not to watch soccer. You’re here now, though, so let’s get started.

Worldwide Load

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