Reviewing the iPhone 5

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Philip has covered the Mac market since 1999, with a focus on the iPhone, iPad and iOS in recent years. In all that time, he has never tested a fart app.
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Our whirlwind tour of Apple’s September iOS announcements concludes with our review of the iPhone 5. Editorial direct Jason Snell has spent a week with Apple’s latest smartphone and joins the Macworld Podcast to render his verdict on the new device.

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Macworld Podcast: iOS 6 arrives

Christopher Breen Senior Editor, Macworld Follow me on Google+

Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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The other shoe to Apple’s iPhone 5 event has dropped. iOS 6 is released today and we’ve spent a lot of time exploring its features. Our own Dan Moren and Serenity Caldwell join me to discuss the highlights, explain some of the new features, and recommend some of iOS 6’s coolest but possibly overlooked features.

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Spotlight on the iPhone 5

As expected, it was a big day for Apple. The company announced some products that we expected and others that came as something of a surprise. In this episode I speak with the two men who were there to witness the announcements—Jason Snell and Dan Moren. Not only did they attend the event, but they laid hands on Apple’s new goods as well.

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Previewing Apple's Sept. 12 event

Apple has a big September planned for us, kicking off with a special press event a week from Wednesday. What can we expect out of Cupertino on September 12? Nobody can say for certain, but the panelists on the latest Macworld Podcast are ready to give it their best guesses.

I’m joined by senior editor Dan Moren, associate editor Serenity Caldwell, and staff writer Lex Friedman to talk about what we think Apple has in store for its September 12 press event. Not to give anything away, but we’re pretty sure that it may involve a new iPhone.

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Patent wrangles and Twitter strangles

The top story of the week was, of course, Apple’s $1.05 billion court victory over Samsung in a patent suit that challenged Samsung’s “me too” designs. In this episode, my colleagues Dan Moren and Lex Freidman join me to discuss the origins, conclusion, and implications of that trial. Having exhausted the subject, we then move to Twitter and its recent aggressive stance in regard to third-party developers.

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Macworld Pundit Showdown XVIII

We're smack dab in between summer's release of Mountain Lion and fall's iOS 6 debut, so what better time to bring together the brightest minds in tech journalism to field questions about the biggest news in the Apple universe?

The latest installment of our Macworld Pundit Showdown features executive editor Jonathan Seff, staff writer Lex Friedman, senior contributor Glenn Fleishman, and PCWorld assistant editor Armando Rodriguez. They'll tackle questions on Mountain Lion and iOS 6, of course, but we'll also throw in some other questions ripped straight from today's headlines in a battle to find out who's got the best handle on the latest tech news.

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Mountain Lion tips

Mac OS X Mountain Lion has been out for a few weeks and now that the noise has settled down and we’ve all had a little time to dig in, I’ve gathered a group of Macworld’s finest to offer some of their favorite Mountain Lion tips. Short though this show may be, it’s packed with helpful tricks.

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