Macworld Pundit Showdown XVI

When Apple releases a new iPad, previews the next version of Mac OS X, and promises a stock dividend all within weeks of each other, we feel obligated to roll out another edition of the Macworld Pundit Showdown. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

I referee a battle between Macworld editorial director Jason Snell, staff writer Lex Friedman, senior contributor Glenn Fleishman, and PCWorld editorial intern Armando Rodriguez, as they answer questions about the latest Mac and iOS news in a battle to see whose punditry reigns supreme.

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Apple TV talk

We’ve talked a lot about the iPad lately, but that’s not the only updated hardware Apple rolled out this month. The company also introduced a new version of the Apple TV, featuring 1080p support and an updated interface. And it’s this new Apple TV that’s the focus of this week’s Macworld Podcast.

I’m joined by two Apple TV experts—senior editors Christopher Breen and Dan Frakes. They share their experiences with the updated Apple TV software—which also works on the second-generation Apple TV—and the new hardware.

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A week with the third-generation iPad

Editorial director Jason Snell was one of the lucky few to be given a third-generation iPad for review previous to this Friday’s release of the device. In the week that he’s had it, he’s had plenty of time to form opinions about its capabilities and worth. He and I discuss the new iPad in this episode.

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New iPads, iPhoto for iOS, and Apple TV

The iPad has some new capabilities—if not a new name—and that’s just one of the Apple products unveiled Wednesday. On this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we dive into each and every announcement coming out of Wednesday’s press event—from the iPad to iOS app updates to Apple TV—with three Macworld editors who were on hand at the Yerba Buena Theater in San Francisco.

I’m joined by editorial director Jason Snell, senior editor Christopher Breen, and senior associate editor Dan Moren. All three not only attended Apple’s press event, they also enjoyed a little hands-on time with the iPad. And they share their impressions and initial thoughts in this jumbo-sized podcast.

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Sandboxing and Mac apps

Last week, Apple once again delayed its requirement that all software in the Mac App Store be sandboxed, but the issue is still a hot topic in the Mac development community. I’m joined by former Macworld senior editor and Many Tricks developer Rob Griffiths and Red Sweater Software’s Daniel Jalkut to discuss the positives and negatives of sandboxing as it currently stands, its impact on developers and consumers, and how this will affect the Mac ecosystem going forward.

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Pondering Mountain Lion

We've spent a lot of time with Mountain Lion over the last week, taking a look at its revamped apps, security improvements, and new system features. And, being opinionated people, we have a few thoughts about what Apple could still bring to the table before Mountain Lion makes its debut this summer. Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell and senior associate editor Dan Moren join me to discuss support for multiple monitors, Siri on the Mac, iOS apps in Dashboard, and more.

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